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BeefTalk: Grass or Grain Fed?

BeefTalk: Grass or Grain Fed?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

There is a “Y” in our road. If we go one way, we are sending the spayed heifers to harvest as grass finished. If we go the other way, we are sending the heifers to the feedlot for more pounds. Which direction to take was last fall’s question.

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Later Calving: Winner Or Loser?

Later Calving: Winner Or Loser?

Lon Tonneson

Beef Producer

Do you give up too much by calving beef cows on the Northern Plains in May and June instead of the traditional March-April period? Maybe not, according to what the North Dakota State University Dickinson Research Extension Center has documented.

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When Dairy Cows Become Beef Cows

When Dairy Cows Become Beef Cows

The Beef Site

Most dairy cows reach a point in their life when they transition from being a milk producer to being a beef producer. The contribution of beef from culled dairy cows and dairy steers is very important to the beef industry.

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Dialogue with consumers a part of modern beef industry

Dialogue with consumers a part of modern beef industry

The Western Producer

These are high times in the cattle business. Cattle and beef prices are good, feed prices have dropped and barbecue season bolsters consumer demand for red meat. Additionally, international markets for Canadian beef are slowly reopening or expanding and demand in developing countries is expected to grow.

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Selecting Cow/calf Record Keeping Software: Choosing what works for you!

Selecting Cow/calf Record Keeping Software: Choosing what works for you!

Jay Jenkins

University of Nebraska

Before you buy computer software to keep cow/calf production records, you first need to decide what information you need to keep. Make a checklist that includes the items that you need. Include not only the necessities, but also those things that while not necessary, would be nice.

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Improving Fertility of the Cow Herd

Improving Fertility of the Cow Herd

John Winder

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

Although we hear a lot more about growth rate and beef quality and consistency these days, reproductive efficiency is easily the most important factor determining profitability of cow-calf operations. Improving reproductive efficiency is not an easy task, but I cannot imagine any other area where financial rewards are greater.

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The Economic Impact of Feed Efficiency in Beef Cattle

The Economic Impact of Feed Efficiency in Beef Cattle

Travis D. Maddock, and G. Cliff Lamb

University of Florida

A well-run, profitable commodity business is usually more efficient than its competitors. In the case of beef cattle, competition can come from two sources: other producers who sell similar classes of cattle, and other protein producing species, such as pork and poultry, which compete with beef in the marketplace.

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Baleage: Fermenting forage

Baleage: Fermenting forage

Laura Mushrush


This high moisture, fermented forage product has been catching attention in parts of the country where baling a dry hay crop can be close to impossible.

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Right Disease Wrong Vaccine

Right Disease Wrong Vaccine

Wes Ishmael


When your vaccination program holds a particular disease at bay, it’s safe to say the vaccine provided adequate resistance relative to the disease challenge — if there was one. Or, you just got lucky.

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Don’t Treat Breeding Season Like It’s a Professional Sports Season

Don’t Treat Breeding Season Like It’s a Professional Sports Season

 John F. Grimes

American Cattlemen

If you think about it, there are some basic similarities between a beef operation’s herd sires and a professional athlete. Both the sire and the athlete can be impressive physical specimens. Both are asked to perform at a high level during a specified time frame.

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