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Older Cowmen Aren’t The Ones Exiting The Business

Older Cowmen Aren’t The Ones Exiting The Business

Nevil Speer

This column has been focusing recently on some pertinent results from USDA’s 2012 Ag Census data. One such important piece of data is the categorization detailing the age of principal owner of cattle operations in the U.S. Within that data there are some surprises.

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Factors for successful estrus synchronization

Factors for successful estrus synchronization

Tami Gilbert

Tri State Livestock News

This is a busy time of year for ranchers — planting in the fields, fixing fence for summer grazing, and getting cows bred. If artificially inseminating (AI) heifers and cows, there are many options for getting the job done.

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Real Time Data Collection Streamlines Record Keeping

Real Time Data Collection Streamlines Record Keeping

Clifford Mitchell

Cattle Today

Improvement comes with many platforms in the beef industry. Trying to keep track of all the data that explains enhancement in efficiencies or reveals there is something drastically wrong with conception rates or percentage of live calves is a challenge faced by many producers.

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Cattle Whisperer Pointers for Effective Stockmanship

Cattle Whisperer Pointers for Effective Stockmanship

Drs. Ron Gill and R. Machen

American Cattleman

Safe and effective cattle handling has always been important. In the last few years there has been a move toward what has been called low-stress handling or as we prefer to call it a return to sound, effective stockmanship.

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EPA targets couple’s private pond in Wyoming, threatens huge fines

EPA targets couple’s private pond in Wyoming, threatens huge fines

Kelly David Burke

Fox News

When Andy and Katie Johnson built a pond on their property in 2011 to provide water for their cattle, they never dreamed it would result in threats of $75,000 a day in fines from the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Schutz to Lead Extension’s Ag and Natural Resources Programs

Schutz to Lead Extension’s Ag and Natural Resources Programs

Hoosier AG Today

Purdue Extension dairy management specialist Michael Schutz has been appointed director of Extension’s agriculture and natural resources programs in Indiana.

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Scours – What are they?

Scours – What are they?

Lindsay Chichester, Dr. Dee Griffin, Dr. Richard Randle

University of Nebraska

The temperatures are warming up, we have gotten a little bit of rain, the grass is starting to grow, and your calves may be susceptible to scours, or diarrhea.

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Texans to vote on state beef checkoff

Texans to vote on state beef checkoff

Iowa Farmer Today

Texas ranchers will vote next month on whether to establish a state program to promote and market beef in the nation’s leading cattle-producing state, a move intended to supplement funding from a similar U.S. plan.

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Beware: Good Times for Beef Producers Are Here

Beware: Good Times for Beef Producers Are Here

John Otte

Beef Producer

An old saying goes something like this: "When things are not going well, watch out, and when things are going well, watch out more." From a market perspective, a host of factors have things going well for cow-calf producers.

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Tiny U.S. ‘Cowboy College’ Ropes in the Chinese Internet

Tiny U.S. ‘Cowboy College’ Ropes in the Chinese Internet

Wall Street Journal

Deep Springs—the tiny, prestigious U.S. college known for a curriculum that combines book reading with cattle branding—usually only gets between 100 and 200 applicants a year. Thanks to China, that number could soon swell considerably.

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