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Baxter Black, DVM:  Camping Out in Wyoming

Baxter Black, DVM:  Camping Out in Wyoming

It was just another camping trip with friends. A gathering, a return to nature, to get a taste of what life was like in the Wyoming forests and plains before Napoleon Bonaparte sold it to Thomas Jefferson in 1803.

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BeefTalk: Beef and Oil

BeefTalk: Beef and Oil

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

The changing world of western North Dakota is a hot and cold topic. In a sense, most would consider change to be a point of reality. Seldom, if ever, does one get to make a statement about life and then control that point for a lifetime. We call that change.

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Why rotate pastures?

Why rotate pastures?

Gene Johnston


Grass is the cheapest feed out there. Are you and your cattle taking advantage of it? That’s a question posed by Dennis Hancock, Extension forage specialist at the University of Georgia. He’s watched and helped beef farms and grazing dairies in his state push grazing efficiencies to new high levels.

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Feed options if hay supplies or quality is low

Feed options if hay supplies or quality is low

Chris Penrose

Progressive Cattleman

It is nearing July, and many of us are starting to get an idea of how much stored feed we will need for the winter – and how much we will have. Many of us will be faced with two forage problems this year: not enough hay and the hay made may be of very poor quality.

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Storage tips to save more hay

Storage tips to save more hay

Glen Selk


Last week’s Cow Calf Corner Newsletter discussed some of the potential losses to large round bales due to differing storage methods. Continuing with the train of thought of preserving as much harvested hay as possible, other important storage concepts can be used as the hay is being harvested this spring and summer.

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New water rules will drown my company in regulations

New water rules will drown my company in regulations

J.D. Harrison

Washington Post

Every summer, Jack Field takes his herd of about a hundred cows to graze in the same floodplain — a low, flat stretch of land next to a river — in Yakima, Wash. Under newly proposed regulations, he may not be able to go back next summer. And that’s just one of many problems he says the new rules would create for his business.

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Animal welfare and animal rights are very different beasts

Animal welfare and animal rights are very different beasts

Robert Young

The Conversation

More than 20 years ago, the university department where I was doing my PhD was fire bombed by animal rights activists. At the time, I was conducting research into animal welfare, as were many of the staff in my department. I found it hard to understand why a research department whose main objective was to improve the well-being of animals would be the target for such an attack.

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Ohio State experts: Farmers, first responders need to prepare for agroterrorism

Ohio State experts: Farmers, first responders need to prepare for agroterrorism

Tracy Turner

Ag Answers

Agroterrorism may be a term many farmers haven’t heard of, but it’s one they need to understand in order to combat it, according to an expert with Ohio State University’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.

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Are you a committed beef producer?

Are you a committed beef producer?

John Grimes

Ohio’s Country Journal

Do you ever ask yourself why you are involved in the beef cattle industry as a producer? Of course, the logical answer is that you raise beef cattle as a primary or supplemental source of income to your overall farming operation or off-the-farm career.

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Large US grassfed beef users increasingly turning to Australia

Large US grassfed beef users increasingly turning to Australia

Jon Condon

Beef Central

One of the largest and fastest growing food service restaurant chains in the US is the latest North American customer lining up for grassfed/natural beef supply out of Australia.

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