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Getting to the bottom of cattle lameness cases: Diagnosis

Getting to the bottom of cattle lameness cases: Diagnosis

Russ Daly, DVM


Making the right decisions about how to deal with a lame animal depends on how accurately the cause of the lameness can be diagnosed and localized. It’s important for caretakers to determine whether a specific lameness case can be dealt with on the farm or needs veterinary treatment.

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Outsmart stress

Outsmart stress

Bovine Veterinarian

Stressful situations are practically unavoidable for modern beef cattle. With stress often comes reduced performance or even the opportunity for disease to take hold and cause more significant losses.

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Alfalfa-sainfoin Option will Offer Bloat-Free Grazing

Alfalfa-sainfoin Option will Offer Bloat-Free Grazing

John Dietz


Bloat-free grazing in a mixed stand with alfalfa and a new perennial forage variety of sainfoin is being introduced as an option in 2015 in western Canada. Breeders seed for testing will be available to interested American researchers, says Surya Acharya of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) in Lethbridge, Alberta.

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Build Up Stockers With 24 Hours of Downtime

Build Up Stockers With 24 Hours of Downtime

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

Ask veterinarian Ken Blue about the health program in his custom preconditioning operation, and you’ll probably expect to hear about vaccination schedules and medications.

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Southeast Brangus to Host Annual Field Day

Southeast Brangus to Host Annual Field Day

Kayla M. Wilkins


The Southeast Brangus Breeders Association (SBBA) will be hosting a field day at the Draggin’ M Ranch in El Dorado, Ark., Aug. 22-23, 2014. All SBBA and International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) members are encouraged to attend.

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Cattle Industry Shifts

Cattle Industry Shifts

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Several news reports the week of May 12 indicate Cargill will close another Texas feedlot in the coming year. The company announced last year that it would close its Lockney yard. Now it appears the lot near Dalhart will close some time in 2015. These closures come on the heels of the company’s shuttering of its Plainview, Texas, beef slaughter plant last year.

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Don’t say goodbye to ‘pink slime’ just yet

Don’t say goodbye to ‘pink slime’ just yet

Lauren Purdy


According to the Wall Street Journal, “pink slime” is back. Better known as finely textured beef by producers, this beef mixture is making a comeback led by Beef Products Inc. and Cargill Inc.

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Conventional vs. Grass-fed Beef

Conventional vs. Grass-fed Beef

Steve Ellis

Huffington Post

In the world of fast food, Chipotle’s unique approach to sourcing ingredients has earned us a lot of attention. Our vision is to change the way people think about and eat fast food, so nothing is more important to us than serving our customers fresh, delicious ingredients that are raised responsibly and prepared using classic cooking techniques.

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Challenges, opportunities for young to enter beef industry

Challenges, opportunities for young to enter beef industry

Jack Whittier, Mariah Fischer

Progressive Cattleman

The U.S. agriculture industry is dominated by farm and ranch establishments that have had the same principal operator for 10 or more years. Farms or ranches with principal operators who started within the past five years only account for 13 percent of all U.S. farms and 7 percent of all sales.

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Iowa State Offers Greenhorn Grazing Series

Iowa State Offers Greenhorn Grazing Series

The popular “Greenhorn Grazing” program is back, with an information-packed schedule of five sessions beginning in mid-June.

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