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Does Calf Age at Castration Matter?

Does Calf Age at Castration Matter?

Matt Hersom, Extension Beef Cattle Specialist, University of Florida

Beef Today

There are a lot of different reasons to castrate calves at a certain stage in their lives, but when is the best time to do it?

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Johne’s or Hardware?

Johne’s or Hardware?

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

The cause of rapid weight loss in a cow can be hard to diagnose, but often easy to prevent.

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Endangered Species Act Impacts Eastern Beef Producers, Too

Endangered Species Act Impacts Eastern Beef Producers, Too

Beef Producer

Endangered Species Act designations are not just a concern for Western beef producers anymore, says Marcus Creasy, Region IV Policy VP for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.

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In the Bullpen with MLB Pitcher Ross Ohlendorf

In the Bullpen with MLB Pitcher Ross Ohlendorf

Modern Farmer

Ross Ohlendorf has an impressive résumé. He’s a professional baseball player, pitching for the Washington Nationals. He’s a Princeton grad. And he’s a longhorn rancher who interned at the Agriculture Department in 2010, putting in halfdays before working out in the afternoons.

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Fly Control

Fly Control

By Gene Johnston


Whether it’s horn flies or face flies, these pests cost producers in treatment and in lost production thanks to the diseases they cause or transmit. Aim to control these flying fiends before they become a nuisance with two of the latest products.

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Marketing Cull Cows: Understanding What Determines Value

Marketing Cull Cows: Understanding What Determines Value

Ron Gill, Ph.D

Texas A&M University

Under drought conditions it is likely many operations will experience lower conception rates than normal. Feed costs and uncertainty about growing seasons next year make culling of these open cows appear to be the correct management decision. In an average year, cull cows will represent 10-20% of gross revenue on a cowcalf operation.

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Effects of Pasture Stocking Rate and Method on Cow-Calf Production

Effects of Pasture Stocking Rate and Method on Cow-Calf Production

Louisiana State University

Most Louisiana beef producers use the cow-calf system of management in which they maintain breeding herds and produce calves marketed at weaning or shortly thereafter. The systems are forage-based, so pasture management is extremely important.

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