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Bovine Virus Diarrhea Virus Infection in Cattle

Bovine Virus Diarrhea Virus Infection in Cattle

Dr. Larry Kerr, Dr. Fred Hopkins, Dr. Matt Welborn

University of Tennessee

Bovine Virus Diarrhea (BVD) was first identified in New York State in 1946. The BVD virus readily mutates producing a number of types, which vary in their ability to produce disease. BVD is spread mainly by calves that were in fected during early pregnancy and not aborted. These animals are referred to as persistently infected or PI calves.

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Livestock Portraits: A Picture Worth a Thousand Herds

Livestock Portraits: A Picture Worth a Thousand Herds

Andy Wright

Modern Farmer

Farmers and ranchers can be just as bonkers about their animals, and in rural communities there are portraits of cows and horses over the couch. Livestock artists have carved out a niche catering to folks who don’t just own animals — they make their living through them.

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Texas cattleman promotes role in ‘Farmland’ documentary

Texas cattleman promotes role in ‘Farmland’ documentary

Progressive Cattleman

Texas cattleman Brad Bellah shares his ranching story with people across the country in the new documentary film "Farmland." Throughout this summer the film will premiere in select theaters across the country, hoping to spark conversation between consumers and producers.

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Just a drop of blood

Just a drop of blood

Gene Johnston


In the past, genetic DNA markers to pinpoint cattle that are good in high yearling weights and other valuable traits have been mostly for purebred producers. The $100-per-head or higher cost to get a DNA analysis meant that this emerging technology was reserved for elite breeders.

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Designing a “Bud Box”

Designing a “Bud Box”

Ron Gill, Ph.D., Rick Machen, Ph.D

Texas A&M University

There is nothing magical or mystical about a Bud Box. It is a facility design that allows the handler to position themselves correctly to facilitate cattle flow out of the box into either the crowd alley leading to a chute or to a trailer load out. Always keep in mind that the Box is a flow- through part of the facility. Cattle should never be stored in the Box waiting to be sent into the crowd alley or to a trailer.

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Using Sire EPDs in Cow-Calf Production

Using Sire EPDs in Cow-Calf Production

Sidney M. DeRouen

Louisiana State University

A large segment of the beef cattle industry is adopting expected progeny differences (EPDs) as a valuable selection tool in improving calf productivity. EPD is the difference in performance (measured in pounds, percent, inches, etc.) expected in progeny, or offspring, of individual sires.

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Feeding whole sugar beets to growing-finishing cattle

Feeding whole sugar beets to growing-finishing cattle

Steven Rust

Michigan State University

A surplus of sugar beets has provided another feedstuff for cattle. Sugar beets are a very desirable feedstuff and can be fed in many types of cattle diets. Feeding whole sugar beets is not a new concept.  Research reports from feeding sugar beets to sheep and cattle can be found in the literature dated in the 1800’s.

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How to Dress for Livestock Showmanship

How to Dress for Livestock Showmanship

Celeste Harned

A Farm Mom’s Perspective

This year, my youngest sister convinced her friend Lexie to show a pig for the first time. Lexie may be a first time showman but she doesn’t dress like it. A high school junior, Lexie is older than most beginning showmen.

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GrowSafe wins Intel SME Award for Innovation

GrowSafe wins Intel SME Award for Innovation

GrowSafe Systems Ltd., announces receiving the 2014 INTEL SME award for Innovation at the Canadian Advanced Technology (CATAAlliance) award gala on Wednesday evening in Ottawa.  John Reid, President and CEO, CATAAlliance states, "Our award winners have demonstrated significant leadership as role models for the development of commercially successful enterprises in Canada.”

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