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Another court victory for BPI

Another court victory for BPI

Ken Anderson

Brownfield Newwork

It’s another court victory for Beef Products Inc. (BPI) in their defamation lawsuit against ABC News. The South Dakota Supreme Court has denied a petition by the network and other defendants to review the case and consider dismissing it. The court’s decision means the case can proceed.

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BeefTalk: Start Your Calf Vaccinations Now!

BeefTalk: Start Your Calf Vaccinations Now!

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

As calving winds down and calves are settled with their mammas, the inevitable day will come when the calves need to get a round of vaccinations. It is much like the old days when the school made the announcement that the county nurse was coming along with a bag full of needles. Terror was struck within the elementary ranks, but all of us knew the inevitable was coming: a shot.

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Gelbvieh and Limousin Junior Associations Team Up to Host Leadership Conference

Gelbvieh and Limousin Junior Associations Team Up to Host Leadership Conference

Beef Today

Junior Gelbvieh and Limousin members, ages 14-21, have the opportunity to participate in the POWER leadership conference. POWER stands for peers organizing winning effective results. The POWER conference is a four-day event focusing on increasing young leader’s knowledge of the beef industry, as well as building leadership skills.

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Vollmer Mini Cattle Ranch

Vollmer Mini Cattle Ranch


The Midwest is known for its farming and ranching communities. On a ranch about 10 miles North of town, resides the Vollmer Mini Cattle Ranch, where the Vollmer family tends to their un-orthodox mix of animals. On this ranch, you’ll find an array of mini sized animals roaming the grounds, including…miniature zebu, Tennessee fainting goats, call ducks, Old English game hens, chickens, a miniature horse, guinea fowl, and the standard cats and dogs.

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Mob Grazing: A Tool, Not A Master Plan

Mob Grazing: A Tool, Not A Master Plan

Fae Holin

Hay and Forage Grower

According to a recent Wisconsin survey questioning producers who practice some form of mob grazing, their cattle stock densities average from 50,000 to 200,000 lbs of cattle live weight per acre.

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Brucellosis at home on the range

Brucellosis at home on the range

Kerry Halladay

Western Livestock Journal

The range is home to the deer and the antelope and the “buffalo,” according to the song. But the range is also home to brucellosis, and there have been a decent share of discouraging words on that particular topic.

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7 Presidents Who Farmed

7 Presidents Who Farmed

Charles McFarlane

Modern Farmer

Farming has always been a quintessential part of the American experience, from Abraham Lincoln splitting rails for fence building to Bill Clinton picking beans. In honor of President’s Day, we’ve put together a list of the presidents who knew how to plant corn and herd cattle.

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