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Meet Pasture Scout, the Airbnb for Grazing Cattle

Meet Pasture Scout, the Airbnb for Grazing Cattle

Sam Brasch

Modern Farmer

Cows get hungry. Most ranchers have a pasture or a reliable feed source to keep their livestock happy, but when they don’t, Jen Livsey hopes they turn to Pasture Scout.

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Cattle Temperament Linked to Feedlot Performance

Cattle Temperament Linked to Feedlot Performance

AG Web

The temperament of cattle may have a significant impact in how they perform in the feedlot, according to research by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Kansas State University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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Teague’s experience will benefit Red Angus membership

Teague’s experience will benefit Red Angus membership

The Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) is pleased to announce the addition of its new member services specialist, Katie Teague. A Tennessee native, Teague will play an essential role in handling the association’s membership department.

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K-State’s College of Agriculture dean discusses how past trends dictate positive future

K-State’s College of Agriculture dean discusses how past trends dictate positive future

High Plains Journal

The College of Agriculture at Kansas State University has experienced significant growth in the number of undergraduate and graduate students, dollars invested in research and private fundraising compared to 10 years ago, and this growth has happened with fewer resources, faculty, staff, and K-State Research and Extension personnel, according to John Floros, dean of the College of Agriculture and director of K-State Research and Extension.

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The impact of stocker cattle performance on feed yard results

The impact of stocker cattle performance on feed yard results

Laura Mushrush


For producers raising cattle to be sent to the feed yard, pounds of beef = money in the bank. After a calf is weaned and enters the stocker segment, the rancher then utilizes supplementation and grazing programs to optimize the stocker calf’s value before sending it down the line to the feed yard – the last stop before the calf is harvested into a safe and wholesome product to be distributed to consumers.

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Muddy Pens Decrease Gains

Muddy Pens Decrease Gains

Kaitlin Morgan

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Extension feedlot specialist encourages producers to prepare for wet weather to help reduce the risks of muddy conditions.

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NCBA Opposes President Obama’s Land Grab

NCBA Opposes President Obama’s Land Grab

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

President Barack Obama Wednesday signed a proclamation designating a new monument in southern New Mexico to cover nearly a half-million acres – which the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association opposes. NCBA says the designation includes 68-percent of public grazing lands and 9,000 head of cattle – which threatens the livelihood of family ranching operations in the area.

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