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Beef industry in a dynamic era

Beef industry in a dynamic era

Greg Lardy

Tri-State Livestock News

For beef cattle producers who find comfort in routine, the next few years will most likely take you out of your comfort zone. We are entering a time in the industry in which record high prices for cattle and beef will be set, while at the same time that some segments of the industry will continue to contract.

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Tips and preparation for safe cattle hauling

Tips and preparation for safe cattle hauling

Heidi Carroll

Bovine Veterinarian

Now that pastures are starting to green up and calves are growing, many producers are getting ready to haul their cow/calf pairs to summer pastures.

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2014 Beef Improvement Federation Annual Convention Registration due May 31st

2014 Beef Improvement Federation Annual Convention Registration due May 31st

A Steak in Genomics

This is the premier national convention about applied beef genetics and breeding. The purpose of the convention is to discuss the genetic improvement of beef cattle. This year the focus is “Attention on Novel Traits: Needed or Novelty.”

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Stocker Takes Grazing to the EXTREME

Stocker Takes Grazing to the EXTREME

Mark Parker

Progressive Farmer

Spring can’t get to Missouri soon enough for Bob Salmon. Described as a "management-intensive grazier," this cattleman is ready for the moment there’s a decent bite of green in the paddocks.

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Spring-planted Oat for Grazing or Hay Production

Spring-planted Oat for Grazing or Hay Production

Daren Redfearn, Jeff Edwards

Oklahoma State University

Seasonal droughts are normal in the southern Great Plains. Droughts occurring during the fall and winter can be especially disruptive of a usually predictable supply of wheat pasture. The two most common effects of drought are minimal available forage for spring grazing and limited hay supplies.

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What Happens When A DVM & An MD Talk Antibiotics?

What Happens When A DVM & An MD Talk Antibiotics?

John Groves, DVM


Among veterinarians, prudent antibiotic use is of great concern. It turns out that we have plenty in common on this issue with medical doctors.

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New Genetic Selection Videos on Iowa Beef Center Website

New Genetic Selection Videos on Iowa Beef Center Website

Iowa Beef Center

No matter how complex the gamut of information on breeding decisions available to producers, a simple and timely review of the basics can often help provide better understanding of the tools and processes. That’s why the Iowa Beef Center has posted four new videos on a new webpage devoted to genetic selection topics, including expected progeny differences (EPDs).

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Worth the weight

Worth the weight

Katie Allen


The current environment for the beef industry includes a limited supply of feeder cattle and stable consumer demand for beef, said Glynn Tonsor, livestock economist for Kansas State University. The environment is driving record high prices for cattle.

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Bullish on Beef

Bullish on Beef


Veteran cattleman Mike John can’t see any reason why record high cattle prices should sag. In fact, he thinks that trend will continue for several years.  "It’s going to take a long time to build up any supply to the point where it has an effect on price," says John, who is director of MFA Health Track, a quality assurance feeder calf verification program serving Midwest cow-calf customers

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Iowa symposium to take global look at cattle welfare practices

Iowa symposium to take global look at cattle welfare practices

Iowa Farmer Today

Iowa State University will host the Fourth International Beef Cattle Welfare Symposium July 16-18. During the first day of the symposium, participants will get hands-on experience in diagnosing and treating lameness in beef cattle, according to a news release. Participants also will practice the correct technique for on-farm euthanasia and learn a variety of on-farm techniques for minimizing stress during handling and management procedures, including dehorning.

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