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Baxter Black, DVM:  Bronc to Breakfast

Baxter Black, DVM:  Bronc to Breakfast

Bronc to Breakfast is my favorite Charlie Russell painting. The scene represents the typical roundup out west.

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Unorthodox Ration Balancing System Offers Advantages

Unorthodox Ration Balancing System Offers Advantages

Alan Newport

Beef Producer

Chemistry-based system provides knowledge for on-the-go decisions in pasture management and supplementation.

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Texas Gulf Coast Prairie ranchers battle the elements

Texas Gulf Coast Prairie ranchers battle the elements

Robert and Janelle Fears   

Progressive Cattleman

The Native Prairies Association of Texas identifies this region as Gulf Prairies and Marshes because the land is interspersed with marshes or bogs that range in size from a few square feet to several acres. Elevation ranges from below sea level to approximately 150 feet. This region is nearly level with slow to no drainage and is dissected by numerous rivers and bayous that flow into the Gulf of Mexico.

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Eng Cow Efficiency Symposium Agenda Announced

Eng Cow Efficiency Symposium Agenda Announced

Joe Roybal


Themed “Innovative Intensification in Cow-Calf Systems,” the second annual Dr. Kenneth and Caroline McDonald Eng Foundation Research Symposium is set for noon-to-noon, Sept. 18-19, in San Antonio, TX.

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Cattle prices moderate after hitting record highs in early 2014

Cattle prices moderate after hitting record highs in early 2014

Jennifer Stewart

AG Answers

Cattle prices have started to moderate after reaching unexplained record highs in the first four months of the year, says Purdue Extension agricultural economist Chris Hurt. He believes that the highest prices of the year are now likely in the past.

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In Colombia, herding cattle like a real llanero

In Colombia, herding cattle like a real llanero

Simon Willis

Washington Post

There’s a myth here in Los Llanos. A myth about a fireball that comes from the sky and approaches solitary walkers, engulfing them in flames. Some say that this bola de fuego embodies the tortured soul of a beautiful woman who murdered her husband and made love to her son.

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Future looks rosy for beef cattle producers

Future looks rosy for beef cattle producers


The Prairie Star

Beef cattle producers are enjoying a period of good economic times, and North Dakota State University Extension livestock marketing specialist Tim Petry expects that trend will continue well into the future.

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Hay analysis provides value

Hay analysis provides value

Clay Wright

Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

Over the years, there have been many articles in this publication regarding hay – its true cost of production, storage and feeding techniques, and stockpiling to reduce the need for hay, among other topics. Hay and the feed often required to supplement its quality make up a large percentage of annual cow costs.

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‘The only way to work cattle quickly is slowly’

‘The only way to work cattle quickly is slowly’

Laura Mushrush


You’ve just received a new shipment of stocker steers needing to be processed before being turned out onto summer pasture. These cattle have had human interaction and have are on the “flighty” side, but safe to walk through on foot.

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New Mexico county defies U.S. government over cattle grazing

New Mexico county defies U.S. government over cattle grazing



A rural New Mexico county has voted to defy the federal government and give a rancher’s cattle access to a watering hole fenced off by the Forest Service in the latest dispute over federal control of public land in the U.S. West.

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