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Panic at the Feedlot

Panic at the Feedlot

Matthew Hilburn

Texas Tech

On an early August morning, Clay Burson sipped on his coffee while he flipped through the Wall Street Journal, emotionless. As he flipped past page B3, he suddenly realized what he had just read. Slowly he turned back to the previous page where he saw the article headline that read, “Merck Suspends Sales of Cattle-Feed Additive Zilmax™ in U.S., Canada.” Burson was stunned.

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Worst Drought in a Lifetime Forces Slaughter, Sale of Cattle

Worst Drought in a Lifetime Forces Slaughter, Sale of Cattle

Michael Kuhne


When it’s over, it’ll rain a sunny day for cattle ranchers from Texas to California seeking a release from the dry, withered grip of persistent drought strangling the nation’s top cattle-producing states.

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Nebraska beef backers push special $70 ‘Beef State’ license plate

Nebraska beef backers push special $70 ‘Beef State’ license plate

Paul Hammel

Omaha World-Herald

Beef is not only "what’s for dinner," it’s also what the Nebraska industry wants promoted on the state’s license plates. Representatives of the Nebraska Cattlemen and the Nebraska Beef Council joined Gov. Dave Heineman on Friday to promote May as “Beef Month” and to urge beef backers to sign up to obtain a special “Beef State” license plate.

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Considerations when developing, retaining or purchasing heifers

Considerations when developing, retaining or purchasing heifers

Rusty Evans

The Leaf Chronicle

Many producers in the cow-calf business are considering growing their cattle herds to take advantage of the high cattle prices expected over the next few years.

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10 Farmwife Realities That it is Farming Season Again

10 Farmwife Realities That it is Farming Season Again

Jenny Dewey Rohrich

The Huffington Post

It’s one of those things you know is coming… but no matter how much you prepare for it, you just aren’t ready… And this weekend it began.

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Cost-Effective Diets for Pregnant Beef Cows

Cost-Effective Diets for Pregnant Beef Cows

Feedlot Magazine

Dry conditions in Kansas and other areas of the Midwest have caused many cow/calf producers to look at more cost-effective ways to adequately feed their herd. One of the hot topics in the beef sector today, especially in dealing with drought, is that more producers are considering confined feeding for cows using low-quality forages with protein by-products.

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Just Your Standard Bull

Just Your Standard Bull


Southern Livestock Standard

As more information about the farm bill unfolds, we have tried to keep our readers informed about programs that are available to them. While cattle markets are at all-time highs, so are input costs. And when you add to this the uncertainty of our weather in the southern states, it pays to be informed of what assistance you are available for.

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