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Hay Weaning:  Move the Feedlot to the Field

Hay Weaning:  Move the Feedlot to the Field

Barb Baylor Anderson

Progressive Farmer

Harry Cope is not afraid to experiment with ways to save time and money, especially if he can do it without sacrificing performance. The Truxton, Mo., cattleman has found turning crop fields into feedlots is an all-around win.

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What’s in Your Cow Pie?

What’s in Your Cow Pie?

Troy Smith

Angus Journal

What’s in a cow pie? To most people, it’s just animal waste — icky, nasty, toxic stuff that complicates mankind’s existence.

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Watch for common spring slip-ups in calf care

Watch for common spring slip-ups in calf care

Farm and Ranch Guide

The combined effect of calf care slip-ups along with fluctuating spring temperatures, and often, wet muddy conditions is an increase in the rate of treatable scours and respiratory illness. So, what can we do to avoid these slip-ups and have healthier calves?

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Going Beyond the Barnyard To Stop Stable Flies

Going Beyond the Barnyard To Stop Stable Flies


Livestock producers may not be able to see the difference between stable flies and other flies at a distance, but they can definitely see the stable flies’ effect on their cattle as the animals stop grazing and bunch together to minimize the number of bites they’re getting.

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Processing, vaccinating calves at branding

Processing, vaccinating calves at branding

Tri State Livestock News

For many beef operations “brandings” will be coming up soon. I have been interested in observing this activity over the years and seeing the changes. After attending a “rope and drag” branding a while back I asked an 86 year old cowboy what he had seen change.

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Sorting Feedlot Cattle By Temperament Could Be Valuable Management Strategy

Sorting Feedlot Cattle By Temperament Could Be Valuable Management Strategy

Beef Producer

Temperamental cattle appear to be less susceptible to lung damage and related respiratory diseases, but at the same time may produce lighter-weight carcasses with decreased quality grade, according to a USDA Ag Research Service, University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Kansas State University study.

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Cattle and beer: A lesson in regulatory overreach

Cattle and beer: A lesson in regulatory overreach

New Hampshire News Leader

When the Food and Drug Administration imposes needlessly burdensome and costly regulations on American businesses, a lot of people just shrug. Better to be safe than sorry, right? A bunch of beer brewers has shown why this is a wrong assumption.

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Quality Beef by the Numbers:

Quality Beef by the Numbers:

Mike Kasten

A Steak in Genomics

To say the last two years in the cattle business have been interesting is an understatement. We have gone from record losses to record profits. Last fall, everywhere I went, people said “There is no way to make money feeding cattle at these prices.” The prevailing thought was “SELL THEM. Don’t pass go, take the money, don’t hesitate, SELL THEM NOW!” Conventional coffee shop, off-the-cuff wisdom is seldom based on fact. As I write this update, we have data on three pens of QB cattle.

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Angus Seeks Applicants for the Next Junior Breed Ambassador

Angus Seeks Applicants for the Next Junior Breed Ambassador

Angus cattle play a role in every aspect of Lauren Adcock’s life. From the farm to the showring, and the classroom and into the working world, the Moweaqua, Ill., native is a prime example of how National Junior Angus Association (NJAA) members are using their talents to promote the breed.

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International Beef Cattle Welfare Symposium Is July 16-18

International Beef Cattle Welfare Symposium Is July 16-18

Iowa Beef Center

Iowa State University will host the Fourth International Beef Cattle Welfare Symposium July 16-18, 2014. The symposium will bring together beef producers, processors, retailers, government officials, NGOs, animal scientists, veterinarians and students to discuss, debate and learn more about specific welfare issues encompassing all angles of the beef supply chain, including social concerns, production, environment, transportation, processing, marketing, trade regulations and legislation.

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