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BeefTalk: Electronic Bidding for Bulls: The Wave of the Future

BeefTalk: Electronic Bidding for Bulls: The Wave of the Future

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Recently, the Dickinson Research Extension Center finished putting bulls in the pen for summer breeding. Although bull selection started in earnest as the year ended, the actual purchases take awhile to complete.

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USDA’s Proposed Rule for Brazil Lacks Science and Sense

USDA’s Proposed Rule for Brazil Lacks Science and Sense

Steve Dittmer


In evaluating USDA’s Proposed Rule to import beef from Brazil, it is important to keep certain principles and factors in mind. I favor free trade. I favor scientific evidence in facilitating that trade, and I oppose catastrophic risk.

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Options for pregnancy diagnosis

Options for pregnancy diagnosis

Cliff Lamb

Angus Journal

As you are planning your reproductive-management program, don’t only focus on whether you plan on utilizing estrous synchronization or managing the breeding season. Consider pregnancy diagnosis as a tool that may assist you when making strategic nutritional and culling decisions.

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The Lexicon of Sustainability: “Antibiotic-Free”

The Lexicon of Sustainability: “Antibiotic-Free”

Jenny Oh


In the latest video from the Lexicon of Sustainability‘s Douglas Gayeton, “Antibiotic-Free,” Bill and Nicolette Niman of BN Ranch share their thoughts on the growing movement in the U.S. to remove sub-therapeutic antibiotics from American beef.

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Why Big Meat hates ‘Made in the USA’ labels

Why Big Meat hates ‘Made in the USA’ labels

Lydia DePillis

Washington Post

Conventional marketing wisdom is pretty clear on "Made in the USA" labels: If you can actually prove your product is made and assembled domestically, trumpeting the fact can’t hurt. That’s true, at least, of things like apparel, phones, and kids’ toys. Turns out it’s not really true about meat.

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CattleFax To Host Third Webinar On Marketing

CattleFax To Host Third Webinar On Marketing


The CattleFax Trends+ Webinar series has attracted nearly 1,200 cow-calf producers, stockers and backgrounders during its first two broadcasts. The third webinar is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. MT, Wednesday, June 11, 2014, and registration is now open.

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The cost of not testing the bull

The cost of not testing the bull

Rusty Evans

The Leaf Chronicle

The cow-calf business is an intricate business with many moving parts. Some of the moving parts are constantly in motion while others are seasonal in nature. For instance, some producers have a defined breeding season which results in a defined calving season and thus a seasonal moving part.

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