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Cattle ranching renaissance

Cattle ranching renaissance

JENNY HOPKINSON and Helena Bottemiller Evich


“Young 550-pound steers on the southern Plains are commanding prices 30 percent higher than a year ago. With corn down almost as much in the same period, feedlots are betting the margins even as the cost of hamburger at the supermarket goes through the roof.

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It’s the little things that matter most

It’s the little things that matter most

Christy Swift

Tampa Times

Did you ever notice how small the cows in old cowboy movies are compared to the horses, Colin Furness asked. That’s because in America, Hereford cattle were bred to be bigger and meatier over the years. But Colin and his wife, Kelly Furness, think that good things come in small packages. They breed miniature Herefords on their ranch in Zolfo Springs.

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Eli Lilly to acquire Novartis

Eli Lilly to acquire Novartis

Meghan Grebner

Brownfield Network

With the goal of strengthening and diversifying Eli Lilly & Company’s animal health business, Elanco, the company will purchase Novartis Animal Health.  In an announcement this morning, Jeff Simmons, senior vice president of Eli Lilly and president of Elanco said animal health continues to be a growth opportunity for Lilly.

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