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Colorado Meat-Packer Pledges Steps on Cruelty

Colorado Meat-Packer Pledges Steps on Cruelty

Beef Today

Greeley, Colorado’s JBS USA meat-packing plant has promised to take steps to prevent animal cruelty after a worker struggled to kill an injured cow.

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Lost Opportunities in Beef Production

Lost Opportunities in Beef Production

Troy Smith

Angus Journal

It is said that there is always room for improvement. Speaking at the 2014 International Livestock Congress (ILC–USA 2014) Jan. 14 in Denver, Colo.

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Results of beta-agonists complicated

Results of beta-agonists complicated

Farm and Dairy

Growing cattle that are more efficient in converting feed to muscle is a main goal in the beef industry. Many cattle producers, feedlot operators and researchers strive to use genetics and modern feedlot technologies to continuously improve that efficiency.

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Weaning by 90 Days Buys Better Breedback

Weaning by 90 Days Buys Better Breedback

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

A few winters back, David Miller found himself with a valuable commodity — 95 Angus heifers, all due to calve about the same time. That started him thinking about how tough it can be to get heifers bred back.

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Hereford Genetics Offer Key Traits to More Efficiently Feed Growing Population

Hereford Genetics Offer Key Traits to More Efficiently Feed Growing Population

Oklahoma Farm Report

Jack Ward, chief operating officer and director of breed improvement for the Hereford Association tells Radio Oklahoma Network’s Ron Hays that Hereford breeders are ready to step up and play a big role in providing high-quality protein for the world’s population that is expected to double by 2050.

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Testing and Vaccination Closing In On Bovine TB And Johne’s

Testing and Vaccination Closing In On Bovine TB And Johne’s

Beef Producer

Bovine tuberculosis and Johne’s disease are both are caused by mycobacteria and progress is being made toward better testing for and control of both.

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Techniques that help build trust

Techniques that help build trust

Steve Cote

Stockmanship and Handling Cattle on the Range

The techniques in this chapter will help you take advantage of stock’s natural tendencies to respond to certain movements from you or your horse.

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Cattle business “great” for now

Cattle business “great” for now

Julie Harker

Brownfield Network

It’s a great time to be in the cattle business with the higher prices right now but a beef economist cautions what goes up can come down.

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Marketing calves on genetic merit

Marketing calves on genetic merit

John Maday


Cattle feeders routinely see wide variation groups of cattle they feed in performance, value and profitability. Some of that variation relates to management before the cattle arrive, which has  led to marketing programs designed to capture value based on verification of health and weaning practices back at the ranch.

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Ranching in Russia

Ranching in Russia

Beth Wood

Douglas Budget

Russia alone can be an uneasy place. Most of the last century was spent living under a Soviet socialist republic that squashed freedoms Americans sometimes take for granted.

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