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Managing cow costs

Managing cow costs

Troy Smith

The Cattle Business Weekly

What is your annual cow cost? What is your breakeven cost in terms of dollars per pound of weaned calf? Those were questions South Dakota State University (SDSU) Extension Beef Specialist Julie Walker posed to cow-calf producers attending the Range Beef Cow Symposium in Rapid City this winter. Walker said it’s not something that very many producers like to do, but many of them need to do a better job of accounting for production costs – all of them.

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Chronic Lungers

Chronic Lungers

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Animals exposed to stress and a variety of viruses and bacteria often develop respiratory disease. Damage done to the lungs is most often irreversible.

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Hay not enough to keep cattle healthy in winter

Hay not enough to keep cattle healthy in winter

Keenan Bishop

The State Journal

Every fall I get up on my soap box and talk about how you should test your hay so you know exactly what you have, or more importantly, don’t have. It looks like this was the winter that it really paid off to do so.

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What your stock can and should do well

What your stock can and should do well

Steve Cote

Stockmanship and Handling Cattle on the Range

By using the right techniques, calm cattle will also move, speed up, slow down, stop and turn predictably .  Stock should have a measure of calmness before asking them to do something and remain calm after working them.

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Bull Purchase Price Comparison

Bull Purchase Price Comparison

Louisiana State University AG Center

This spreadsheet is designed to assist cow/calf producers in determining if purchasing a higher-priced bull is an economically sound investment. Users are asked to enter information including calf prices, weaning weights and weaning percentage to calculate the difference in net present value between the two bulls.

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Calving season brings hope to western SD ranchers

Calving season brings hope to western SD ranchers

AM 1380

Cattle ranchers discovered tens of thousands of dead animals in their fields last fall after an unexpected blizzard slammed western North and South Dakota, a devastating loss for their livelihood, but they’re finding renewed hope as spring calving season contributes to their herds’ recovery.

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Consider Reseeding to Eradicate Toxic Fescue

Consider Reseeding to Eradicate Toxic Fescue

Beef Producer

Dropping crop prices and rising beef prices may draw marginal cropland into improved pastures this year, says Justin Sexten, University of Missouri beef nutritionist. It’s also a way to protect fragile land and make profits with forages.

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Intranasal vaccines can get past maternal antibodies.

Intranasal vaccines can get past maternal antibodies.

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Some herds have trouble with summer pneumonia in young calves, and bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV) is the usual culprit. Generally, young calves don’t build much immunity when vaccinated young because of interference from maternal antibodies from colostrum.

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Impact of Selection for Feed Efficiency of Heifers on Future Cow Performance

Impact of Selection for Feed Efficiency of Heifers on Future Cow Performance

G. Cliff Lamb

Beef Today

In Florida, the predominant classes of cattle are females (replacement heifers, young and mature cows) that graze forages. However, most feed efficiency research has focused on grain-fed, feedlot cattle, with little data collected on mature cows on a forage-based diet.

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Energy intake is important in post-calving cows

Energy intake is important in post-calving cows

Glen Selk


The winter of 2013-2014 has brought challenges in the form of very high feed prices, cold weather, and in some instances, short hay supplies. Cows in many Midwestern herds are calving in marginal body condition.

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