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Select Bulls for the future

Select Bulls for the future

Greg Henderson

Beef Today

The right bull will have a lasting impact

"I’ve never paid this much for a bull before!" That’s a reaction Robert Williams hears often from commercial bull buyers during his travels as director of breed improvement and international marketing for the American International Charolais Association based in Kansas City, Mo.

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Maine, US brewers say proposed FDA rule could change partnership with farmers, use of spent grains

Maine, US brewers say proposed FDA rule could change partnership with farmers, use of spent grains

Bangor Daily News

The proposed rule is aimed at “ensuring the safety of animal food for animals consuming the food and ensuring the safety of animal food for humans handling the food, particularly pet food,” according to the FDA.

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Management Tips for Round Bale Hay Harvesting, Moving, and Storage

Management Tips for Round Bale Hay Harvesting, Moving, and Storage

Bobby Grisso, Ray Smith, John Cundiff

Virginia Tech

Large round bale packaging systems allow one person to harvest, store and feed large quantities of hay for small as well as large acreages. Proper management is required to maximize effectiveness because losses in baling, transportation and storage of large round bales can far exceed the losses of rectangular bales.

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Sharp-eyed sales manager spots stolen cattle

Sharp-eyed sales manager spots stolen cattle

Brin Peloza

Lebanon Reporter

The watchful eye of a Johnson County livestock buyer helped a man get three stolen heifers returned to his farm, as the problem of cattle rustling increases nationally.

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Does the Method of Castration Affect Calf Performance?

Does the Method of Castration Affect Calf Performance?

Trey Warnock, Matt Hersom, and Todd Thrift

University of Florida

This publication discusses the purpose of castration in male calves as well as the different methods used to castrate. Most methods of castration cause a certain amount of pain and stress for calves, which can affect calf performance.

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Handling principles and behavioral traits

Handling principles and behavioral traits

Steve Cote


An old horse trainer once told an eager group of students, “None of you will be allowed to ride or handle the horses until you pass a simple test that has just one question.”

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Crockett A. “Cap” Proffitt 1948-2014

Crockett A. “Cap” Proffitt     1948-2014

Great Bend Tribune

Crockett A. “Cap” Proffitt, 65, died March 16 at Wesley Medical Center, Wichita.  Born June 21, 1948 at Sterling, he was the son of Vern Gayle and Jacquelyn Crockett Proffitt. A resident of Ellinwood since 1989 and formerly of the Alden-Sterling area, he was the manager of Barton County Feeders, Inc.

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Animal welfare for youth: Part 2 – Introducing the Five Freedoms to youth

Animal welfare for youth: Part 2 – Introducing the Five Freedoms to youth

Melissa Elischer

Michigan State University

The Five Freedoms are a short, simple list that outlines the basic physical and mental needs of animals. The items on the list are “common sense” things animal caretakers routinely perform and are very easily understood.

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Limping Livestock : Two Perspectives

Limping Livestock : Two Perspectives

Heidi Carroll and Russ Daly.


Lameness can be attributed to many factors yet the physical response to favor a limb is likely related to the animal’s pain threshold. The presence of pain is a critical well-being concern, and can have many secondary impacts on the animal’s overall health, production, and functional lifetime.

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Young bull health considerations

Young bull health considerations

Bob Larson

Angus Journal

Seedstock producers, bull buyers and veterinarians all have considerable interest in the breeding ability of yearling bulls and the ability of a breeding soundness examination to accurately predict that ability.

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