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Veterinarians call for attention to lameness in beef cattle

Veterinarians call for attention to lameness in beef cattle


When animal health issues are considered, lameness has gained increased attention in the beef cattle industry in recent years. There are a number of factors driving this shift in emphasis, but tops among the reasons are animal performance, health and well-being, said beef specialists with universities in Nebraska and Kansas.

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BBU Announces New Executive Vice President

BBU Announces New Executive Vice President

Cattle Today

Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) welcomes Bill Pendergrass to the team as the new Executive Vice President. With an interest and genuine care for cattlemen and the beef industry, Pendergrass expresses that his life’s work is advocating for ranchers, helping the purebred sector embrace the future and actively establishing the importance of the Beefmaster breed for the benefit of its breeders and the beef industry in general.

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Mining Genetics From Five Breeds

Mining Genetics From Five Breeds

Loretta Sorensen

DTN/Progressive Farmer

John Maddux says he and his dad, Jack, are fans of crossbred cattle and hybrid vigor. They select for docility, fertility and longevity.

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Could Our Food Supply Be A Target For Terrorists?

Could Our Food Supply Be A Target For Terrorists?

Luke Runyon

National Public Radio

It sounds like the plot of a Hollywood blockbuster: Villains bent on chaos set their sights on a food company — an easy target — with plans to lace its products with a chemical or pathogen. The hero finds out in time to save the day.

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OYE Beef Heifer Judge Talks Connections Between Show Animals and Mama Cow Herds

OYE Beef Heifer Judge Talks Connections Between Show Animals and Mama Cow Herds

Oklahoma Farm Report

One of the judges that spent Sunday and Monday sorting all of these breeds as well as the commercial crossbred entries out was Texas A&M Assistant Professor Dr. John Rayfield.

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Colorado youth makes an early commitment to cattle research

Colorado youth makes an early commitment to cattle research

Mary Soukup

Bovine Veterinarian

There was the teen from New Jersey who left her parent’s home because she didn’t want to obey their rules, then attempted to sue them for financial support and college tuition. It’s not out of the question to assume that Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber will generate some sort of news headline in the coming days about one of their antics.

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EPDs: Selecting Bulls for Easy Calving

EPDs: Selecting Bulls for Easy Calving

Beef Producer

Making breeding decisions for the summer are likely on your to-do list – and it can be a daunting task. But making a list of genetics goals for your herd may make it easier, says South Dakota State University Extension Cow/Calf Field Specialist Adele Harty.

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Cattle Don’t Prefer Friendly Fescues

Cattle Don’t Prefer Friendly Fescues

Hay and Forage Grower

Soft leaves and lack of fungal endophyte didn’t improve cattle’s taste for tall fescue in a study by USDA’s Agricultural Research Service.

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How you feed impacts AI success; gaining diets improve results

How you feed impacts AI success; gaining diets improve results

Kerry Halladay

Western Livestock Journal

Despite the perceptions of the mainstream population, those in agriculture are a technologically advanced lot. Cutting-edge? Try bleeding edge. Technological advancement and adoption of the most recent science—particularly in the pursuit of the best genetics—is par for the course on many ranching operations.

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‘Cattle rustling’ cases on the rise in Indiana

‘Cattle rustling’ cases on the rise in Indiana

Emily Longnecker


An Old West crime has become a modern day problem for Indiana ranchers. The Indiana Beef Cattle Association told Eyewitness News it’s hearing more reports of livestock theft, or "cattle rustling," including as many as 80 head of cattle stolen in two years from one farm in the northern part of the state.

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Producers should take steps to improve cow/calf feed efficiency

Producers should take steps to improve cow/calf feed efficiency

Southwest Farm Press

Improving feed efficiency should be a goal of every beef cow/calf operation. Producers must find the time to analyze data, and strategize to make their business more profitable and successful, says a Kansas State University Research and Extension beef breeding, genetics and cow/calf specialist.

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