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Baxter Black, DVM: The Saga of the Spotted Skunk

Baxter Black, DVM: The Saga of the Spotted Skunk

If it weren’t so ridiculous it would make you cry. The Endangered Species Act has popped up again like a stinky diaper at day care.

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Show Mom Diaries: Tears in the bathtub

Show Mom Diaries: Tears in the bathtub

Christy Lee


I was in our 2-year-old daughter’s room, dressing her in her Hello Kitty PJs for the evening, when I heard that all-familiar sound to a mother’s ears, echoing from the bathtub: sobbing.

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Preg. test options offer pros, cons

Preg. test options offer pros, cons

Traci Eatherton

Western Livestock Journal

Blood testing to detect pregnancy in cows has yet to take a strong hold over the tried and true results of palpating or ultrasounding, but it is making its way into the industry. Palpating is still the main practice of most veterinarians, in part because old habits die hard, and ultrasounding still has its place in the industry.

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Feeding Large Round Bales This Winter

Feeding Large Round Bales This Winter

Warren Gill, Doyle Meadows

University of Tennessee

 The wide usage of large package, round bales for feeding beef herds has made hay feeding more labor efficient, but may offer a number of management challenges to producers who wish to maintain superior hay quality and cattle performance.

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Benefits of stockmanship

Benefits of stockmanship

Steve Cote

Stockmanship and Handling Cattle on the Range

Good livestock handling is an indispensable tool, and with it comes some amazing benefits. Stock handled right will really work for you, and you’ll get a lot of satisfaction from the quality of work you’ve done.

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DNA test presents possible solution for beef industry’s dehorning procedures

DNA test presents possible solution for beef industry’s dehorning procedures

Pip Courtney


Dehorning, the confronting and bloody procedure many in the beef industry feared would be its next animal welfare flashpoint, could soon be a thing of the past. A $25 DNA test, which identifies whether a bull carries the gene for horns or not, means producers can now confidently and quickly breed horned animals out of their herds.

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Why Your Vet Won’t Give You Credit

Why Your Vet Won’t Give You Credit

Cat Henstridge


Last week a letter of complaint arrived at my clinic that went something like this; ‘We were very upset that you refused to treat our dog, even when we promised to pay you a few days later.  You clearly only care about the money and not about the animals, we will not be using your services again’

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