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Calf immunity comes with a ticking clock

Calf immunity comes with a ticking clock

Kerry Halladay

Western Livestock Journal

As brand new calves are about to be popping up on the range, the unique nature of their immune system in their first hours and what it means to everyone involved—the calf, the herd, you and your bottom line—are important things to know.

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Flash Grazing Can Increase Forage Use

Flash Grazing Can Increase Forage Use

Beef Producer

You don’t have to only graze winter pastures in the winter, says Robin Salverson, South Dakota State University Extension cow/calf field specialist. Try "flash grazing" winter pasturesin the Northern Plains in the spring instead. The grass will grow back before fall and you’ll have the same amount of forage to use in the winter.

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Proper vaccinations important for replacement heifers

Proper vaccinations important for replacement heifers

Stacy Campbell

The Hays Daily News

Cattlemen in Ellis County and the area recently gathered for a program titled "Transition of the Heifer into Your Herd." Extension Beef DVM Larry Hollis had some interesting data and accompanying discussion about scours management, the effect of time of colostrum feeding to newborn calves and vaccination of cows and bulls pre-breeding.

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Profiting from AI

Profiting from AI

Kasey Brown & Troy Smith

Angus Journal

Five years ago, it cost 82¢ to produce $1 of income from Terry Slusher’s beef cattle operation. Now, each dollar of income requires an investment of 56¢. During the same period, his income per cow has increased by more than 90%.

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Managing calf scours in young beef calves.

Managing calf scours in young beef calves.

Kevin Gould and Dan Grooms, DVM

Michigan State University

The winter of 2013-14 is going down as one of the hardest in recent memory for beef cattle operations. Significant winter cold stress combined with tight and lower quality feed supplies maybe the perfect storm for spring calving operations.

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Another drought victim — grass-fed beef

Another drought victim — grass-fed beef

Russ Parsons

Los Angles Times

How hard is the drought hitting California farmers? Here’s one more example — Marin Sun Farms, one of the pioneers of grass-fed beef, is going to start feeding some of its cattle on grain. There’s just not enough grass to keep them alive.

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Impacts of Cold Weather on Calf Weights

Impacts of Cold Weather on Calf Weights

Bethany Johnston

University of Nebraska

The UNL beef researchers studied the effect of colder than normal temperatures on calf birth weights. The six-year study found the coldest winter (11 degrees colder than the warmest winter) resulted in calf birth weights 11 pounds heavier when compared to the warmest winter.

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Feeding a Beef Cow: Analyze Your Options

Feeding a Beef Cow: Analyze Your Options

Zen Miller


Feed costs for over-wintering a beef cow are a major expense in beef cow /calf operations. Some decisions have already been made that will affect the outcome of both your costs and success at this point.

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Zoetis provides support to youth in ag

Zoetis provides support to youth in ag

Morning AG Clips

Zoetis announces the return of its Industry Support Program for youth involved in agriculture and veterinary medicine. For the sixth year, Zoetis is partnering with veterinarians, animal health suppliers and dealer customers to support students through FFA, the American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) Foundation and the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Foundation. Since its inception in 2008, this program has donated more than $5.9 million.

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In Ranch Management, People Make The Difference

In Ranch Management, People Make The Difference

Burke Teichert


The second of my “Five Essentials for Successful Ranch Management” is to strive for “continuous improvement of the key resources – land, livestock and people.” I’ve previously written in this column about the improvement of livestock via bull selection and cow culling, and of the land with good grazing management.

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