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No More “Pretty” Bulls

No More "Pretty" Bulls

Loretta Sorensen

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Jerry Kusser thought his 1,000-head Black Angus herd was about as efficient at converting feed as any animals you’d find anywhere.

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An animal welfare history lesson on the Five Freedoms

An animal welfare history lesson on the Five Freedoms

Tina Conklin

Michigan State University

Fifty years ago, Ruth Harrison, a British woman wrote “Animal Machines” which described intensive livestock and poultry farming practices. The outcry of the British public regarding the information in the book prompted the British Government to appoint a committee to look into the welfare of farm animals.

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A Modest Proposal to Wipe Out Farm Animal Abuse

A Modest Proposal to Wipe Out Farm Animal Abuse

Dan Flynn

Food Safety News

Somehow we need to come up with a system that weeds out people sick enough to abuse animals before they get hired and then delivers a pool of skilled, humane people to do the jobs that are out there in rural America with animal agriculture.

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Trichomoniasis: A Threat to Beef Herds

Trichomoniasis: A Threat to Beef Herds

South Dakota Ag Connection

Trichomoniasis is a reproductive disease that cattle producers should keep top of mind when preparing for the upcoming breeding season, said Russ Daly, SDSU Extension Veterinarian.

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Opportunities lay ahead for Lowline cattle

Opportunities lay ahead for Lowline cattle

Barry Amundson

Sioux City Journal

North Dakota State University Extension beef specialist Kris Ringwall has been studying and gathering data on the Lowline beef cattle breed since the mid-2000s. Although it’s been a long story already and isn’t finished yet, he told Lowline cattle producers at South Dakota State University in Brookings this past summer that they have plenty of opportunities ahead.

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Boost calf immunity during calving season

Boost calf immunity during calving season

Bovine Veterinarian

As spring calving season approaches, it is vital that your calves receive adequate immunity at birth. Because calves are born without an active immune system, they rely on the consumption of antibodies from colostrum for protection against scours and pneumonia.

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CattleFax Analysts Say Higher Beef Prices Sell More Chicken

CattleFax Analysts Say Higher Beef Prices Sell More Chicken

Alan Newport

Beef Producer

Consumers will still need to purchase cheaper proteins during herd rebuilding as short beef supplies drive the market

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Yon Family Farms Use Genomic Test to Deliver More Predictable Seedstock

Yon Family Farms Use Genomic Test to Deliver More Predictable Seedstock

Dr. Jared Decker

A Steak in Genomics

Kevin and Lydia Yon describe their motivation for using genomic-enhanced EPDs in a recent segment on The Angus Report. Listening to their comments, one gets the sense that a good reputation from a reliable product is important to their operation.

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Hay Tarps Can Be A Good Storage Choice

Hay Tarps Can Be A Good Storage Choice

Hay and Forage Grower

Hay tarps can be a good alternative to barns or commodity sheds when storing hay, says Karla Hernandez, forages field specialist with South Dakota State University.

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IBCA honors industry’s best at banquet

IBCA honors industry’s best at banquet

Morning AG Clips

The Indiana Beef Cattle Association (IBCA) honored the state’s top cattlemen at their Annual Convention on February 22nd at the Lucas Estate in Carmel. Beef producers from across the state attended to salute the men who provided the leadership for the Indiana beef industry over the past year.

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