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Cattle Eating Themselves to Death

Cattle Eating Themselves to Death

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Cows in Georgia are eating themselves to death. They are losing body condition, aborting calves and being found dead in pastures from impaction. Poor forage quality, combined with the wrong supplements and unusually cold temperatures are behind the losses.

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Beta-agonists: The Summer Slump

Beta-agonists: The Summer Slump

Katie Allen

Angus Journal

Growing cattle that are more efficient in converting feed to muscle is a main goal in the beef industry. Many cattle producers, feedlot operators and researchers strive to use genetics and modern feedlot technologies to continuously improve that efficiency.

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Opinion: A farmer’s challenge to Chipotle

Opinion: A farmer’s challenge to Chipotle

Ryan Goodman


Farmers and ranchers are upset about how a burrito company is portraying their business. If you haven’t seen them already, Chipotle has run a series of ads during the past few years centered around "Food With Integrity" and the idea that we can "Cultivate a Better World" by eating their burritos.

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Estrus synchronization planner updated to newest protocol

Estrus synchronization planner updated to newest protocol

Bovine Veterinarian

Cow-calf producers and others who use the Bovine Estrus Synchronization Planner software are encouraged to download the newest version for their operations from the Iowa Beef Center (IBC) website. Garland Dahlke of IBC at Iowa State University said the update is free, as are all files related to the program.

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Are grass and alfalfa mixes good for your farm? 

Are grass and alfalfa mixes good for your farm? 

Chad Hale

Progressive Forage Grower

Recently in the upper Midwest, there has been interest in mixed stands of grass and alfalfa. In this article, we will examine why the interest is increasing and give you some tips if you want to grow mixed stands. Reasons to consider for growing a mixed stand can be broadly divided into agronomic reasons or animal-based reasons.

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Farm bill spending pits Yellowstone bison against Montana beef

Farm bill spending pits Yellowstone bison against Montana beef

Nate Schweber

Al Jazeera America

"The hope would be to move toward assuring that we effectively prevent brucellosis in livestock,” says Jim Magagna, executive vice president of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association, “and control it in wildlife."

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Trichomoniasis: Still a threat to beef breeding herds

Trichomoniasis: Still a threat to beef breeding herds


As area beef herds become involved in making decisions about bulls for next breeding season, herd health and reproductive disease should be considered in the context of what age and type of bulls are being purchased.

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