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Performance pioneer, entrepreneur and innovator

Performance pioneer, entrepreneur and innovator

Dr. Bob Hough

Western Livestock Journal

J. David Nichols of Bridgewater, IA, has always had an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit about him and the perspective of a cattle feeder. This is for good reason. His grandfather and his father were some of the early cattle feeders in Iowa, and Dave continues to feed steers to this day.

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Growth promoting hormone implants in beef cattle: safe or not?

Growth promoting hormone implants in beef cattle: safe or not?

All Alabama

Few beef cattle-management practices are more cost effective or have a higher return on investment than properly used growth promoting implants. Growth promoting implants are pellets that are implanted under the skin of the ear of growing calves.

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Building Better Genetics

Building Better Genetics

Dr. Jared Decker

A Steak in Genomics

Jimmy Goode is a seedstock producer who understands the potential of genomics. I’m glad to see he was highlighted on The Angus Report. He points out that genomic testing improves accuracy for the EPDs of young animals.

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Treating calves for parasites

Treating calves for parasites

Todd Vineyard

Wise County Messenger

Over the past 20-35 years, trials in Texas beef herds have demonstrated that treating nursing calves and the dams for internal parasites increases weaning weights.

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American Angus Names New Regional Manager For The Northeast U.S.

American Angus Names New Regional Manager For The Northeast U.S.


The American Angus Association® welcomes Chris Jeffcoat of Littlestown, Pa., as the new regional manager for the northeastern region. Jeffcoat plans to relocate from North Carolina, where he currently lives, to near Gettysburg, Pa., and begin his role as regional manager March 3.

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What’s the Beef? M&Ms and Hormones

What’s the Beef? M&Ms and Hormones

Kassi Williams          

Farm Meets Fork

I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with Joan Ruskamp. Joan and her family farm and feed cattle near Dodge, Nebraska. Joan also is a Common Ground volunteer spending time talking with consumers about agriculture issues and their food concerns.

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Tyson moving forward with FarmCheck

Tyson moving forward with FarmCheck

John Maday

Cattle Trader Center

In 2012, Tyson Foods announced plans for their FarmCheck on-farm audit program for their livestock suppliers. Last week at the Cattle Industry Convention in Nashville, Tyson vice president for animal well-being Dean Danilson, PhD, updated producers on the program.

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More US beef plants at risk in 2 years as herd shrinks-CattleFax

More US beef plants at risk in 2 years as herd shrinks-CattleFax

Theopolis Waters


Up to three more U.S. beef packing plants could close in the next two years as the industry grapples with surplus packing capacity while ranchers try to rebuild the country’s smallest herd in 63 years, a leading cattle analyst said on Thursday.

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Dear Wayne Pacelle.

Dear Wayne Pacelle.

Carrie Mess


It’s quite obvious that you don’t care for Rick Berman and Humane Watch. If I was in your current position after years of being fast and loose with the facts and I suddenly had a group calling my organization out, I wouldn’t like them much either. I find it funny that you call out Rick Berman for being a lobbyist when HSUS spends millions on lobbying each year.

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Bull semen reported stolen in Augusta County

Bull semen reported stolen in Augusta County

Staunton Leader

On Tuesday, the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office issued an unusual report — $250 worth of bull semen was stolen from a Mount Solon farm.  “It was 10 containers,” said Lt. Dennis Back of the sheriff’s office.

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The Business of Tending Beef

The Business of Tending Beef

RaeLynn Ricart

The Dalles Chronicle

Cowboy Keith Nantz and his crew are walking behind the recalcitrant cows, some of which gave birth in the fall and have calves by their side, and some that are pregnant and will deliver within the next month or so. The men use words of encouragement to keep the cattle moving toward a labyrinth of stock pens in the corral.

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