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West Texas A&M Clones Carcasses for Prime Yield Grade 1 Cattle

West Texas A&M Clones Carcasses for Prime Yield Grade 1 Cattle


Cattle ranchers may one day be able to reliably raise cattle that produce Prime Yield Grade 1 carcasses by using technology developed at West Texas A&M University.

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How To Handle Moldy Hay

How To Handle Moldy Hay

Hay and Forage Grower

All hay contains some mold. But when mold becomes easily noticeable, livestock producers can face some tough decisions, says Bruce Anderson, forage specialist with University of Nebraska Extension.

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Research shows heifers, cows can be fed less before breeding

Research shows heifers, cows can be fed less before breeding



The beef industry has recommended for decades that heifers and cows need to be fed very well prior to breeding in order to maximize pregnancy rates, but new research is casting some doubt on that premise.

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Three new beef health-related publications now available

Three new beef health-related publications now available

Bovine Veterinarian

“The one on vitamin A deficiency in beef calves is perhaps the most timely because of upcoming calving season, but the others also offer current and valuable information for beef operations,” Dewell said. “Both ergot poisoning and trichomoniasis topics provide  details on recognizing specific signs and symptoms of those concerns.”

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Transparency: Is Seeing Believing?

Transparency: Is Seeing Believing?

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

After decades of demanding more convenient, lower priced, and better tasting, food products, now today’s consumers want transparency. Consumers used to want great tasting sausage and did not want to see it made; now they want to see how it is made. Farmers were used to being left alone; now the barbarians are at the farm gate demanding to poke around in the barn to see what is going on.

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Traceability goes beyond food safety

Traceability goes beyond food safety

Dr. Dan Hale

National Provisioner

As far as the beef industry goes with respect to traceability, you have really two different streams of consumption [that production aims to serve]. No. 1, which is really, by far and away, the largest group, is to produce beef for the general consumer, for whom maybe traceability is not on their mind. Really, what’s on their mind is being able to provide a meal that evening.

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Beef cattle school classes broadcast via Internet

Beef cattle school classes broadcast via Internet

Coshocton Tribune

The Ohio Beef Cattle School will have two final classes 7 p.m. Tuesday and March 11. The sessions will be broadcast live via an Internet link at the Coshocton County Ohio State University Extension Office.

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