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Baxter Black, DVM:  The Human Attachment

Baxter Black, DVM:  The Human Attachment

It had been a long day for Steffan. Frozen pipes, touchy tractors, cranky cows and a stuffy nose. A headache had kept him banging his head against the wall from 6 am to sundown.

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Producers Must Keep a Watchful Eye on Herds

Producers Must Keep a Watchful Eye on Herds

Jane Parish

Cattle Today

Close observation of cattle herds is considered good animal husbandry. But just watching cattle is not enough in and of itself. Watching them without responding to observed needs amounts to recreation instead of management.

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A Mineral for the Masses?

A Mineral for the Masses?

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Grouping bulls and rams in the same field, means extra care is needed when choosing a mineral.

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Do Beef Cattle Have A Biological Limit To Productivity?

Do Beef Cattle Have A Biological Limit To Productivity?

Wes Ishmael


"We have celebrated per-animal production as if it is the Holy Grail of livestock production,” says Tom Field, director of the Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Nebraska. “It serves as the basis for our sustainability message, our pride in being productive and the pride we take in feeding people.”

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Grass-fed beef gains a following, even in drought-stricken Texas

Grass-fed beef gains a following, even in drought-stricken Texas


Fort Worth Star Telegram

Jon Taggart squinted toward a dozen or so steers, all uniformly black hided and docile, as they moseyed through a gate to an adjoining pasture of foot-high grass, unlike neighboring fields that almost looked as if the land had been scraped bare.

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Agriculture Secretary Explains New ‘Climate Hubs’

Agriculture Secretary Explains New ‘Climate Hubs’

Tom Vilsack


It’s HERE AND NOW. And as another big snowstorm slams the Northeast and a drought continues to plague the West, the Obama administration is proposing today something called climate hubs. The goal will be to help farmers and rural communities by providing information and research to combat the most serious effects of climate change on the agricultural industry.

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Tennessee cattleman is optimistic

Tennessee cattleman is optimistic

Ken Anderson

Brownfield Network

At the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association booth, we visited with cow-calf producer Steve Scott of Prospect, Tennessee.  Scott talked about the cattle industry in Tennessee, his own operation and his thoughts on where the industry is headed.

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Texas tech plans mini symposium on beta agonists

Texas tech plans mini symposium on beta agonists

Bovine Veterinarian

Texas Tech University will host a half-day symposium on beta agonists and animal welfare on Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014 at the Texas Tech Club. The event is sponsored in part by Elanco Animal Health and Merck Animal Health and the Laboratory of Animal Behavior, Physiology and Welfare at Texas Tech University.

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Curt Pate Stockmanship – Be quick, but don’t hurry

Curt Pate Stockmanship – Be quick, but don’t hurry


Be quick, but don’t hurry ̶ livestock handling expert Curt Pate shared this philosophy during the 2014 NCBA Cattlemen’s College Beef Quality Assurance Certification and Stockmanship workshop in Nashville, Tenn.

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The year of the heifer

The year of the heifer

Gene Johnston


It’s going to happen in 2014, say the market specialists at CattleFax. Over the last 8-10 years, while there have been plenty of cattle price signals to expand the beef herd, two things have conspired against it: long-term drought, and high feed costs.

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