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BeefTalk: Numbers Can Challenge, but Don’t Give Up

BeefTalk: Numbers Can Challenge, but Don’t Give Up

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Here is an invitation. Just call if you want to schedule an appointment to review or better understand the numerous numbers associated with expected progeny differences (EPDs). Even when well understood, the EPD numbers can be daunting, even overwhelming.

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New genetic tools can advance beef cow herd selection process

New genetic tools can advance beef cow herd selection process

Iowa Farmer Today

Science, or rather advancements in science, allow for new or revised tools to aid in selection and management of beef cattle.

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More US beef plants at risk in 2 years as herd shrinks-CattleFax

More US beef plants at risk in 2 years as herd shrinks-CattleFax

Theopolis Waters


Up to three more U.S. beef packing plants could close in the next two years as the industry grapples with surplus packing capacity while ranchers try to rebuild the country’s smallest herd in 63 years, a leading cattle analyst said on Thursday.

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Keep your top performers

Keep your top performers

Bovine Veterinarian

So how can managers and owners focus on keeping employees motivated and committed to their jobs this year? Managers should ensure employees understand the vision and direction of the operation, business or veterinary clinic. This can help them feel like part of the team and give them a better understanding of how their role contributes to overall business success.

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Beef Industry Trends Identified in Research Scan

Beef Industry Trends Identified in Research Scan

Beef Producer

During the 2014 Annual Cattle Industry Convention in Nashville, Tenn., this week, members of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board presented new research regarding beef market characteristics and trends.

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Crossbred Replacement Females Average $529 More Than Straightbred

Crossbred Replacement Females Average $529 More Than Straightbred

Jared Decker

A Steak in Genomics

n 2007 Circle A Ranch, Iberia, Mo., began a research project with the American Hereford Association (AHA) designed to determine and measure the advantages of using Hereford genetics on commercial Angus cows.

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When in Doubt, Blame a Farmer

When in Doubt, Blame a Farmer

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

If there is a problem today with your food, your fuel, or even your clock, and you are not sure who to blame for the problem: blame a farmer.  Even if your problem has nothing to do with agriculture or anything a farmer has anything to do with, don’t let that stop you: blame a farmer anyway.  This has become a trend that is rapidly spreading to more and more issues, many far outside the confines of production agriculture.  Since the majority of people today have no idea what a farmer does and since most people don’t know a farmer, it is easy to just blame a farmer.

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Four Beef Quality Assurance Awards Presented

Four Beef Quality Assurance Awards Presented

This week, two producers were honored with the checkoff’s annual national Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) and Dairy Beef Quality Assurance (DBQA) awards, created to recognize outstanding beef and dairy producers from across the country who incorporate BQA principles as part of the day-to-day activities on their operations. In addition, an individual also was recognized with the BQA Marketer Award, while another individual received the BQA Educator Award.

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Healthy beef for happy hearts

Healthy beef for happy hearts

Sam Gazdziak

National Provisioner

High quality beef is a noble pursuit that West Texas A&M University does not take lightly. A vibrant meat science program at WTAMU is actively pursuing higher quality beef through two active research projects and relentless training of the next generation of meat scientists and producers.

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Rebuilding The Beef Herd By Retaining Heifers

Rebuilding The Beef Herd By Retaining Heifers


Beef cattle numbers have been declining for the past few years, primarily due to scattered droughts across the country and very high calf prices. However, we found one Brazos Valley rancher who has been able to maintain the size of his cow herd, even after coping with Texas’ worst drought ever in 2011.

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