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Restocking Or Rebuilding: What’s The Difference?

Restocking Or Rebuilding: What’s The Difference?

Burt Rutherford

“One year does not a rebuilding make.” With that observation, Stan Bevers points out an important distinction in the discussion about whether or not cattlemen will rebuild cowherd numbers.

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Baxter Black, DVM:  I Can’t Believe It!

Baxter Black, DVM:  I Can’t Believe It!

There continues to be a “mind-separation” from reality regarding the high price of cattle. We cattlemen ease around each other, secretly not believing we just sold 13 heifers weighing 480 lbs for $840 each.

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Receiving high-risk cattle

Receiving high-risk cattle

Dave McClellan

Bovine Veterinarian

During my 30-plus years as part of the cattle industry, I have witnessed the last of the 3-year-old steers, probably the last of the 2-year-old steers, the continued wane of available yearling steers, an increasing dependence on calves and, most recently, a willingness to feed anything that will fill a pen, thereby generating cash flow and hopefully making a profit.

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Navigating online and video auctions

Navigating online and video auctions

Robyn Scherer

Progressive Cattleman

Each and every day, cattlemen buy and sell their livestock across the country. Video and Internet auctions have revolutionized how cattle are bought and sold, and knowing how to navigate these sales is important for everyone involved.

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Nitrate Toxicity in Cattle

Nitrate Toxicity in Cattle

Patricia Burch


I have had reports of several producers finding some dead cows in pastures recently. Several were from nitrate toxicity. Most nitrate toxicity issues occur when producers are feeding hay.

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Veterinarian Addresses Proposed Antibiotic Changes

Veterinarian Addresses Proposed Antibiotic Changes

Beef Producer

"Initially, it’s the animal health companies that will be adjusting their practices," explains Russ Daly, DVM, South Dakota State University Extension veterinarian. But, he notes, producers will soon be affected, and FDA’s changes will eventually make their way down to the folks who prescribe and use the drugs.

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Top 10 Myths about Sustainability

Top 10 Myths about Sustainability

Scientific American

Michael D. Lemonick

When a word becomes so popular you begin hearing it everywhere, in all sorts of marginally related or even unrelated contexts, it means one of two things. Either the word has devolved into a meaningless cliché, or it has real conceptual heft.

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