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Corn’s role in beef’s future

Corn’s role in beef’s future

Tri State Livestock News

While falling corn prices can’t hurt livestock owners, this is not your grandfather’s cattle market and lowered grain prices won’t have the same effect on today’s market that they would have even five years ago.

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Getting a handle on vitamin nutrition during gestation

Getting a handle on vitamin nutrition during gestation

AG View

Although energy, protein and minerals are often the focus of winter ration balancing, an influx of perinatal calf mortality cases at the Iowa State University diagnostic laboratory the past two springs suggests that vitamin nutrition may be getting overlooked.

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Plan for New Year by Developing Nutritional Program

Plan for New Year by Developing Nutritional Program

Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D., PAS

Cattle TOday

It can be assumed that if you are reading this it is likely you are a cattle producer. As a cattle producer a significant part of your operation (based on time and dollars spent) is the nutritional program you manage for your herd.

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The Measure of a Bull

The Measure of a Bull

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Bull selection based on scrotal circumference can significantly improve a herd’s reproductive performance.

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Postmortem Exams Can Save Lives

Postmortem Exams Can Save Lives

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Veterinarian W. Mark Hilton, clinical associate professor of beef production medicine at Purdue University, tells producers their dead calf is worth nothing, but a dead calf with a diagnosis can be the most valuable animal on the farm. Knowing the cause of death may help prevent future deaths on down the road.

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Molly McAdams to be a Part of the 2014 Cattlemen’s College in Nashville

Molly McAdams to be a Part of the 2014 Cattlemen’s College in Nashville

Oklahoma Farm Report

A word to the wise- if you have attended the Cattle Industry Convention in recent years- look closely at how the schedule works this year- you may have to change your travel plans if you did not take into account that the 2014 edition of the Cattlemen’s College starts Monday afternoon and then runs all day Tuesday.

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Five Best Practices for Extending the Stock Cow’s Productive Life

Five Best Practices for Extending the Stock Cow’s Productive Life

Beef Producer

While the cattle industry enjoys some of its highest record-setting years, challenges remain in maintaining or increasing cow numbers due to higher bred cow and heifer values, says Jim Krantz, cow/calf specialist for South Dakota State University Extension.

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NDSU shares beef cattle research results

NDSU shares beef cattle research results

AG Week

Beef cattle diets, breeding systems, drylot versus pasture cow-calf production, forage digestibility enhancements, grazing and effects of pen bedding were among the topics North Dakota State University researchers studied in the past year.

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Ionophores in rations give cattle more energy, less gas

Ionophores in rations give cattle more energy, less gas

CC Headliner

Despite all the talk from feed salespersons and extension specialists estimates are that less than 25 percent of beef producers in southwest Missouri use ionophores in beef rations.

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How the Analyst Stole Christmas

How the Analyst Stole Christmas

Darin Newsom, DTN

Remember how the Grinch hated Christmas because, depending on various theories, his shoes were too tight, his heart was two sizes too small, or his head wasn’t screwed on just right? Whatever the reason, the Grinch went on to steal the Whos’ Christmas until, as the story goes, his heart grew and he returned the bounty.

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