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Baxter Black, DVM:  Crypt Orchid is King

Baxter Black, DVM:  Crypt Orchid is King

“In the land of the geldings, the crypt orchid is king.”

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BeefTalk: Bull Buying and Headaches

BeefTalk: Bull Buying and Headaches

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

As the year wraps up, the process of buying a bull picks up. New bulls are great, but what about the old bulls?

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New Frontiers

New Frontiers

Eric Grant

Angus Journal

Just across the York River from Jerry Gustin’s farm, two of America’s most important historical landmarks still draw hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.

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Preventative measures can minimize trich impacts

Preventative measures can minimize trich impacts

John Maday

Bovine Veterianrian

Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted protozoan disease that causes pregnancy loss or abortion in the cow, prolonged calving intervals and high open rates in infected herds

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Six Steps To Determining 2014 Pasture Rental Rates

Six Steps To Determining 2014 Pasture Rental Rates

Beef Producer

If you have a bit of extra pasture to rent out, or are looking for some extra pasture to graze, where’s the best place to start when negotiating a rental?

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War On Meat: Climate Change ‘Hoofprint’ Varies Dramatically

War On Meat: Climate Change ‘Hoofprint’ Varies Dramatically

Science 2.0

Almost every study of food production over the last decade has claimed it has implications for global warming, but in reality the resources required to grow food and raise livestock and grains vary dramatically depending on the animal, the type of food it provides, the kind of feed it consumes and where it lives.

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Buyer demands upper Choice Beef

Buyer demands upper Choice Beef

Iowa Farmer Today

Bob Fields is looking for quality cattle.  Fields, senior director for meat and gourmet foods with Sam’s Club, told producers at the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association convention here this past week his company will not settle for anything less than high-quality beef.

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K-State Researcher Provides Update on Major E. Coli Study in Beef

K-State Researcher Provides Update on Major E. Coli Study in Beef

Kansas State University

Less than two years into a sweeping five-year study focused on prevention of Shiga toxin-producing E. coli in beef, researchers at Kansas State University and elsewhere are making progress on several fronts, according to Randy Phebus, K-State professor of animal sciences and industry.

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Beef Cattle Could Be Bred to Produce Less Methane

Beef Cattle Could Be Bred to Produce Less Methane

Ganaderia Mexico

Cattle can be bred to emit less methane and reduce the contribution of beef production to climate change, said an Australian researcher who spent two years measuring cattle burps.

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Florida’s Cattle Wars

Florida’s Cattle Wars



The fall of Vicksburg in July 1863, which gave the Union control of the Mississippi River, not only cut the Confederacy in half, but it cut off the supply of Texas cattle from reaching hungry troops to the east (and federal blockaders patrolling the Gulf of Mexico prevented delivery by ship).

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