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Planning winter supplementation

Planning winter supplementation

Bob Larson

Angus Journal

For most of the United States and Canada, winter feed is one of the greatest costs of cow-calf production. The base ingredient in winter rations is usually standing dormant forage or hay.

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Winter stress in beef cattle

Winter stress in beef cattle

Megan Jedlicka

Journal Advocate

Data shows that the estimated critical low temperature for cattle can change as much as 41 degrees (60 to 19 F) in one year depending on season, hair coat, etc. just for maintenance. As the temperature drops below the animal’s critical temperature, the nutrient level needs to increase.

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Make plans to attend 2014 Mid-South Stocker Conference

Make plans to attend 2014 Mid-South Stocker Conference

Rusty Evans

The Leaf Chronicle

The 2014 Mid-South Stocker Conference, a cooperative program of the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, the University of Tennessee Extension, and the Mid-South Stocker Cattle Association will be held Feb. 18-19 at Paris Landing State Park in nearby Henry County.

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Merck Animal Health Shares Progress on Zilmax

Merck Animal Health Shares Progress on Zilmax

AG Web

During the last 90 days, Merck Animal Health, with the input and oversight of its Advisory Board, has worked to implement its Five-Step Plan to Ensuring Responsible Beef and has made considerable progress.

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Animal Cruelty is NOT the Price we Pay for Cheap Meat

Animal Cruelty is NOT the Price we Pay for Cheap Meat

Minnesota Farm Living

If you really want to be taken serious, Rolling Stone, you should have also reported the other side of agriculture instead of being a puppet for HSUS (Humane Society of the United States). HSUS is not your local humane society. They give less than 1% of their donations to local humane societies, even though the vast majority of their commercials play on people’s emotions by showing cats and dogs. So please donate your money to your local humane society.

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In The Belly of the Beast

In The Belly of the Beast

Paul Solotaroff

Rolling Stone

Editor’s note: Stories of this ilk are included in the blog to inform those in our industry how agriculture is being presented to and perceived by the public.

Sarah – let’s call her that for this story, though it’s neither the name her parents gave her nor the one she currently uses undercover – is a tall, fair woman in her midtwenties who’s pretty in a stock, anonymous way, as if she’d purposely scrubbed her face and frame of distinguishing characteristics

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Cattle herds on remote Alaska islands face threat

Cattle herds on remote Alaska islands face threat


My San Antonio

There are herds of cattle on a pair of remote Alaska islands that have survived for decades despite any number of threats to their existence. The animals have been abandoned. They’ve been forced to adapt to brutal winters. And they go for months at a time eating little more than seaweed that washes ashore.

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Ear tag management in cattle can enhance herd

Ear tag management in cattle can enhance herd

Nixa Express

Ear tags serve are important to the beef industry as a means of individual animal identification. There are other identification methods used like: Tattoos, freeze brands, hot iron brands, brisket tags, horn brands and others.

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Apply for the 2014 Beef Leaders Institute

Apply for the 2014 Beef Leaders Institute

AG Weekly

American Angus Association® members interested in becoming more effective leaders in the agriculture industry are encouraged to apply for the seventh annual Beef Leaders Institute (BLI). Held June 23-26, 2014, the program brings Angus producers together in Saint Joseph, Mo., for a series of informative sessions, followed by a three-day tour across several industry segments.

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Act of cattle branding raises questions

Act of cattle branding raises questions

David Burton

Springfield News Leader

Southwest Missouri beef cattle producers have shown a great interest in branding their cattle this winter and spring following several instances of cattle theft.

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