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Impacting the beef business with selection indexes

Impacting the beef business with selection indexes

Dr. Jim Gibb


Can we just continue using individual EPDs and mix and match traits to suite our needs? Certainly, but the power of indexes is that they include multiple traits, weighted by their economic importance. In other words, there is a lot of information and science behind an index that simplifies selection and provides greater assurance of making accurate, long-term selection decisions.

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Nutrition-Reproduction Interactions in the Third Trimester Cow

Nutrition-Reproduction Interactions in the Third Trimester Cow

Rachel Endecott

Montana State University

New energy requirements increase 14 to 15 percent and protein requirements increase 26 to 27 percent from mid-gestation to late gestation. This increase in nutrient requirements during this stage of gestation is due to the rapidly increasing growth of the fetus.  The fetus accomplishes only 25 percent of its growth during the first two-thirds of gestation.

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Calving Season ~ Why make it so hard?

Calving Season ~ Why make it so hard?

McDaniel Ranch

I have friends and neighbors that are smack in the middle of calving, so I don’t mean to be insulting.   Instead my intent is to make you ask yourself  why you choose to calve in the winter and if it is really worth it?  What if you didn’t have to check your cows/heifers every 2 hours through the night to avoid calf-cicles.

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Fed Cattle Pricing:  Live and Dressed Weight

Fed Cattle Pricing:  Live and Dressed Weight

Clement Ward, Ted Schroeder, and Dillon Feuz

Oklahoma State University

Live weight pricing has been a common method of pricing fed cattle. A second method, dressed weight or carcass weight pricing, has increased in usage for higher quality cattle. This latter method is frequently referred to as pricing “in the beef.” The objectives of this fact sheet are to discuss: (1) the general pricing process packers follow in determining bid prices for fed cattle; and (2) the steps followed in both live weight and dressed weight pricing. Both methods preceeded what is referred to now as “grid pricing.”

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27th Annual Hoosier Beef Congress in the History Books

27th Annual Hoosier Beef Congress in the History Books

Hoosier AG Today

The Indiana weather remained true to tradition for this year’s Hoosier Beef Congress (HBC) with snow and cold temperatures. However, those factors did not deter the turnout at the Indiana State Fairgrounds for families attending this annual event. Despite Mother Nature’s wintry blast, 81 more cattle entered the show rings this year than did in 2012.

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Backgrounding calves with corn again

Backgrounding calves with corn again


In recent years the price of corn has pushed cattle producers backgrounding calves to seek other energy feed options. This fall with the price of corn predicted around $4/bu., it may once again be an affordable energy source. Producers developing a winter backgrounding program may choose to incorporate corn into diets for growing calves.

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CSU to host Cow College for beef producers

CSU to host Cow College for beef producers

North Forty News

Colorado State University Animal Science is offering a weekly, 6-session evening educational course in beef cattle production for interested persons in north central Colorado and southern Wyoming to be held in February and March 2014.

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