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Winter roundup: Nutritional needs for your cattle

Winter roundup: Nutritional needs for your cattle

Brett Wessler


Cattle feeding moves to the top of the chore list during the winter months to give animals the energy they need to withstand the cold. University of Missouri Extension Livestock Specialist Wendy Rapp says producers should consider the supplemental protein needs of cattle when temperatures move below freezing.

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Cow Herd Nutritional Adjustments for Winter

Cow Herd Nutritional Adjustments for Winter

Kansas State University

High daily temperatures at 20 and 30 degrees confirm the arrival of winter. A week or more of cold temperatures, particularly below freezing, can take a toll on the cow herd. A bodily response to cold stress in cattle is an increase in dry matter intake, said Dale Blasi, professor and beef cattle extension specialist for Kansas State University.

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Winter weather can increase fescue foot issues

Winter weather can increase fescue foot issues


Fescue is a great fall and winter forage, thanks to its ability to be stockpiled for grazing during cold, snowy weather.

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Late Weaning Creates Better Profits And Smarter Cattle

Late Weaning Creates Better Profits And Smarter Cattle

Jim Elizondo

Beef Producer

When I suggest late weaning I mean 10 months in heifers and steers and 8 months in bull calves.

Cattle are gregarious animals and as such they have a strong attachment to the herd and learn directly from their mothers.

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Angus Association Announces Third Recalibration of Zoetis HD 50K Prediction

Angus Association Announces Third Recalibration of Zoetis HD 50K Prediction

Dr. Jared Decker

A Steak in Genomics

The American Angus Association announced the 3rd recalibration of the Zoetis HD 50K product. The previous recalibration was based on about 40,000 animals and this recalibration is based on about 51,000 animals.

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Tyson adds beef, chickens to animal welfare rules

Tyson adds beef, chickens to animal welfare rules


Tyson has decided to expand its animal welfare requirements to its beef and chicken suppliers.

The Des Moines Register says a Tyson manager told Iowa cattle producers on Monday that they must meet the requirements next year if they want to sell to Springdale, Ark.-based Tyson.

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SD Cattle Fighting Bitter Cold

SD Cattle Fighting Bitter Cold

Jeff Rusack


For the past week temperatures have plunged well below zero, causing all sorts of problems. But, for the livestock taking the brunt of the negative 30 degree wind chills, it’s just another winter in South Dakota.

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Beef producers pencil out winter rations

Beef producers pencil out winter rations

Cindy Snyder

AG Weekly

A week of frigid weather has forced many ranchers into their haystacks earlier than they would have liked.

“Feeder hay is getting cheaper, but it’s still not economical to feed cows hay for more than three or four months,” said Billy Whitehurst, University of Idaho Extension Educator in Twin Falls County.

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Nutrition during Last Trimester Critical for Beef Cows

Nutrition during Last Trimester Critical for Beef Cows

Keith Martin

The Morning Sun

A big factor in determining the health of a new born calf and the performance of the cow and calf after birth is the nutrition of the cow and fetus during the last ninety days of gestation. Over seventy five percent of the growth of the fetus occurs during this time.

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Transportation stress influences cattle carcass quality

Transportation stress influences cattle carcass quality

Carol Ryan Dumas

Capital AG Press

Proper handling of cattle during loading and transport to slaughter facilities can alleviate dark cutting beef, bruises and damaged limbs and ensure carcass quality. The University of Idaho’s Beef Quality Assuarnce program spells out what producers and feedlots should and should not be doing when moving cattle to slaughter facilities.

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