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BeefTalk: Is a Cow Ever Too Ornery?

BeefTalk: Is a Cow Ever Too Ornery?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Having worked cattle for years and too many sheep to count, one develops a feel for the rogue cow or calf. Maybe it is just a quick look or an intense stare. There also are those animals that you know are not going to have a good cohabitation experience.

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Growth, Grade Correlated to Profit

Growth, Grade Correlated to Profit

Larry Corah

Feedlot Magazine

You know that genetics set the base for profitability in all segments of the cattle industry. Earlier this year, Shawn Walter and Ron Hale of Professional Cattle Consultants summarized feedlot data showing what kind of cattle generate added dollars. And guess what? The high growth, high grading cattle were most profitable. Fortunately, both can be achieved in the same cattle through genetic selection.

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Hoop Barns, No More Mud

Hoop Barns, No More Mud

Kindra Gordon

Angus Journal

Mud isn’t something drought-plagued producers have dealt with in a while. However, with the weather extremes that ag producers have become accustomed to, it’s a sure bet that mud will be a problem again soon enough.

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Cow Lease/Share Arrangements

Cow Lease/Share Arrangements


According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, South Dakota’s cow herd totals ranked fifth nationally – up by 5 percent from 2012.

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Make adjustments to care for cattle as temperatures drop

Make adjustments to care for cattle as temperatures drop

Brett Wessler


Understanding cow condition and providing access to extra energy can prevent cold stress in the herd as freezing temperatures affect ranches across the country this weekend.

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What are beef processors making out of slaughter cattle?

What are beef processors making out of slaughter cattle?

Jon Condon

Beef Central

Beef Central’s report last week, “A$ falls to three-month low, but will export processors share the love?” has triggered discussion about current processor returns, and how much they have been impacted by currency movements, drought oversupply and other factors.

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Missouri Grazier Says He Can Balance Grass And Stocker Management

Missouri Grazier Says He Can Balance Grass And Stocker Management

Alan Newport

Beef Producer

"There’s nothing you can do to make money in agriculture like growing grass," says Missouri grazier Bob Salmon.

Salmon says he tried a number of farming endeavors over the years but the use of planned grazing to help the grass grow better and to parcel it out to livestock is the thing that’s paid the bills for this first-generation grass farmer.   

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Investment Firm Wins Auction For Beef Plant

Investment Firm Wins Auction For Beef Plant


A San Francisco-based investment banking firm has submitted the winning $44.3 million credit-and-cash bid for an idled South Dakota plant during a bankruptcy court auction Thursday in Sioux Falls.

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Quality Assurance practices good for cow-calf operations

Quality Assurance practices good for cow-calf operations

Vic Schoonover         

Southwest Farm Press

Cow-calf producers should take a page from feedlot producers, says an Oklahoma State University Extension area veterinarian, and use Beef Quality Assurance practices has made a lot of progress with feedlot producers.

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Ranchers Prepare Cattle For Frigid Temperatures

Ranchers Prepare Cattle For Frigid Temperatures

Brittany Wright


With temperatures only expected to get colder, area ranchers are making sure their livestock and equipment are ready for the worst.

"As long as we can keep them out of the wind, we’re doing great," said Craig, White, Bar Quarter Circle Ranch owner.

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