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Score: Livestock – 1, Toads – 0.

Score: Livestock – 1, Toads – 0.

Jesse Bussard

Beef Producer

Removing livestock an grazing from public lands still seems to be the go-to solution for environmentalists when it comes to threatened wildlife species. Of course, that isn’t always the answer.

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Was your holiday dinner hormone free?

Was your holiday dinner hormone free?

Phil Blevins

Bristol Herald Courier

We hear a lot of talk about hormones and food and usually the discussion centers around meat. . . .  It is impossible to have a hormone free meal, because both plants and animals produce hormones as a natural part of growth and development.

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Replacement Heifer vs Feeder Heifer Spread

Replacement Heifer vs Feeder Heifer Spread


There is currently considerable focus on growth of the U.S. and regional beef cow herd, with many producers and market analysts closely watching cull cow slaughter rates and bred female demand.

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Innovative Genomic Predictions Require Innovative Marketing

Innovative Genomic Predictions Require Innovative Marketing

Dr. Jared Decker

A Steak in Genomics

From discussions with seedstock producers at the recent Hereford Education Forum, I realized producers need to use new marketing strategies when utilizing genomic predictions. If you purchase genomic predictions for your yearling bulls, but continue to market your bulls locally, you are not likely to have a favorable return on your investment.

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Benefits and Tips for Beef Cattle Mineral Supplementation

Benefits and Tips for Beef Cattle Mineral Supplementation

Southern States

A mineral supplementation program can greatly improve the health and profitability of your beef cattle operation. The right combination of nutrition can help you improve conception rates, increase weaning rates, increase profitability, improve nutrition and provide a better immune system response. 

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Worried About Hormones?

Worried About Hormones?

Bruce Treffer

University of Nebraska

There are a lot of concerns and mixed messages about hormones in beef. There are a few things to keep in mind the next time you hear that beef contains too many hormones.

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Nebraska Cattlemen Hold Business Meeting on 125th Anniversary

Nebraska Cattlemen Hold Business Meeting on 125th Anniversary

Eamon O’Mera

1011 Central Nebraska

"The importance is to get those people who have concerns to get them here and get those concerns on the table. We’re kind of unique in that we represent all facets of the cattle industry. We have to get all those people on the same page, which is difficult sometimes and then we try to formulate policy to take to the legislature or take to the regulatory agencies to help cattlemen be more profitable," said Dave McCracken, the Vice President of the Nebraska Cattlemen.

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Got cows? Mississippi State has an app for that

Got cows? Mississippi State has an app for that

Rob Robertson

Memphis Business Journal

There’s a lot going on when it comes to owning cattle — cows need to eat, they need to breed, and they need help being born, just to name a few things — but now beef producers can get help with their livestock management decisions thanks to a new app from the Mississippi State University Extension Service.

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UW Extension to offer a feedlot shortcourse

UW Extension to offer a feedlot shortcourse


Few cattlemen have the chance to follow cattle once they leave the farm through the process of becoming cuts meat consumers buy and get an opportunity to learn about how feedlot management may impact profitability.

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Is beef herd expansion happening?

Is beef herd expansion happening?

Curt Lacy

Beef cow inventory should be about 28.9 million head as of January 1, 2014. This would be a decline of about one percent from last year and would indicate that herd expansion is nearing but not quite here.

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