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Baxter Black, DVM:  The Washington Redskins

Baxter Black, DVM:  The Washington Redskins

The Washington (DC) Redskins have raised the ire of part of the collective descendants of East Asian migrants who crossed the Bering Strait thousands of years ago.

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Culling Sub-Fertile Bulls Increased Herd Value $30,000

Culling Sub-Fertile Bulls Increased Herd Value $30,000

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Every year the Hereford bulls at Timberline Ranch go through a breeding soundness exam prior to turnout. So when Kenneth Allen started to look for reasons conception rates on his Brahman cows were hitting between 70% and 75%, the last place he expected to find a problem was in the bull pen.

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Beef Checkoff Focuses on the Millennials

Beef Checkoff Focuses on the Millennials

Oklahoma Farm Report

While the base tagline is the same, "Beef, it’s what’s for dinner," the method of delivering that message to the consumer that most needs that information has changed a great deal since the early days of the establishment of the Beef Checkoff and adequate money to purchase a National TV schedule.

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Beef Genetic Prediction Workshop to be held at Kansas City, Dec. 12-13

Beef Genetic Prediction Workshop to be held at Kansas City, Dec. 12-13

Duane Dailey

A Steak in Genomics

As animal scientists and farmers learn more about beef cattle genetics, this knowledge will be used to make predictions and select breeding stock.

A Genetic Prediction Workshop will be held in Kansas City, Dec. 12-13, to share the latest information and experiences.

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Nebraska beef. It’s what’s for dinner … in Afghanistan

Nebraska beef. It’s what’s for dinner … in Afghanistan

Sue Story Truax

Omaha World-Herald

A group of Nebraska cattle feeders shipped a load of rib-eye steaks to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 15 (Seabees) in Afghanistan. Most of those Seabees hail from Nebraska, western Iowa and Missouri.

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Video auction sales way of future

Video auction sales way of future

Barbara Duckworth

Western Producer

What started as a video service for beef producers who wanted action shots of their cattle has turned into a full-fledged operation that not only puts cattle on film but produces internet transmissions of shows and sales across North America.

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Breed Use of Genomic Technology

Breed Use of Genomic Technology

Troy Smith

Angus Journal

Breed associations have made significant investments in technology to utilize genomic information resulting from DNA testing of beef cattle. As a result, genomic information is being incorporated in the calculation of expected progeny difference (EPD) values, along with individual performance, pedigree and progeny information.

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Industry rustles up green beef guidelines

Industry rustles up green beef guidelines

Business Green

Beef production may be regarded as one of the most carbon intensive forms of food production, but the food and agricultural industry has now published a new set of guidelines designed to significantly reduce the environmental impact of the sector.

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Bale grazing popularity continues to grow

Bale grazing popularity continues to grow

Jerry Lindquist

Michigan State University Extension

The benefits of grazing are numerous. Grazing allows animals to feed themselves in a low stress environment, lowers human labor requirements for feeding and manure management, as well as creating a more pastoral image of the animals spread out across the landscape contently grazing forages at their leisure.

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Cattle handler Temple Grandin to speak at workshop

Cattle handler Temple Grandin to speak at workshop

Sue Roesler

Farm and Ranch Guide

Cow/calf producers in North Dakota will have the chance to hear from Temple Grandin, a Colorado animal science professor who is known for her expertise in cattle handling, said Larry Schnell, owner of Stockmen’s Livestock Exchange in Dickinson, N.D.

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