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Using big data to improve farming, one cow at a time

Using big data to improve farming, one cow at a time

Candice So

IT Business

When GrowSafe Systems Ltd. first began studying cattle in 1990, it all started with a team of engineers and computer scientists, working with 386 processors and trying to understand the flood of data coming their way.

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10 Years After The Cow That Stole Christmas

10 Years After The Cow That Stole Christmas

Steve Kay


Do you remember how you heard the news of the U.S.’s first BSE case? I do. I was Christmas shopping on Dec. 23, 2003, when my cellphone rang. That’s when I heard about “the cow that stole Christmas,” as a USDA official later dubbed it.

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BeefTalk: Don’t Take Health for Granted

BeefTalk: Don’t Take Health for Granted

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Finishing a Thanksgiving Day meal is a treat and enjoyed by many but, unfortunately, not by all. The goal remains to somehow assure that everyone has access to safe and affordable food. The world would be a happier place if that were the case. While we reach out to better feed our neighbors, we also need assurance that the progress we have made in feeding our neighbors remains intact.

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Accuracy is golden

Accuracy is golden


Cattle feeders are a driven bunch. Striving toward goals and playing the odds are part of their daily routine. For Allan Sents and his team, quality has been in the cards for many years.

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Beef production decline predicted

Beef production decline predicted

Vic Schoonover

Southwest Farm Press

For 2014, cattle slaughter is expected to decrease roughly 7 percent, year over year, leading to decreased beef production of over 6.5 percent for the year, according to Derrell S. Peel, Oklahoma State University Extension livestock marketing specialist.

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Which is better: big cows or little cows? It depends

Which is better: big cows or little cows? It depends

Manitoba Co-operator

Heavier-milking, bigger cows are more efficient in some situations, while moderate,

lighter-milking cows are more efficient in others.  Biological efficiency is not always the same as economic efficiency. In a cattle production system, efficiency is often a combination of those two.

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Cool is the rule for vaccine handling

Cool is the rule for vaccine handling

Farm and Ranch Guide

A vaccine program is only as effective as your dairy’s storage and handling protocols.

Warm outdoor temperatures serve as a good reminder to brush up on vaccine storage and handling.

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Herd rebuilding and the heifer/steer ratio

Herd rebuilding and the heifer/steer ratio

Dr. Larry Corah

The Prairie Star

In the cattle business, one question is on everyone’s mind: “When will herd rebuilding start?” The most likely answer is, “Soon.”

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China in talks with US over beef access

China in talks with US over beef access

Beef Central

CHINA is in talks with the United States to allow beef imports from US cattle up to 30 months of age, a spokesman for the country’s top food safety watchdog told the China Daily news agency on Friday.

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Bankruptcy auction could be new start for beef plant

Bankruptcy auction could be new start for beef plant

Scott Waltman

Aberdeen News

Two men who have had cattle slaughtered at Northern Beef Packers on the south side of Aberdeen are optimistic this week’s scheduled bankruptcy auction could breathe new life into the idled processing plant.

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