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BeefTalk: How Well Did the Bulls Do?

BeefTalk: How Well Did the Bulls Do?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

The life of a bull is not simple because, for the most part, his life is somewhat confrontational. The other day while reviewing the bulls, two of the bulls still were sparring for dominance. They have been out of the pasture for almost two months, but they still seem to find the energy to spar.

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A wolf in a bonnet

A wolf in a bonnet

Holly Martin

High Plains Journal

In my line of work, you grow to become skeptical. So when my email Inbox contained a press release from the Humane Society of the United Sates, my radar went up.

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Additional Vitamins Needed Beyond Breeding Sector

Additional Vitamins Needed Beyond Breeding Sector

Stephen B. Blezinger

Cattle Today

Over the last few issues we have taken an in-depth look at vitamin nutrition in beef cattle – primarily those cattle in the cow-calf sector of the production pipeline.

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Bottom Line Affected by Cow Size and Age

Bottom Line Affected by Cow Size and Age

Troy Smith

Angus Journal

For quite a long time, the beef cattle industry has been engaged in the debate over what defines the ideal brood cow. Is it the smaller cow that offers the advantage of lower maintenance cost, or the larger cow that produces a bigger calf? There are plenty of producers ready and willing to argue one side or the other.

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Warts and Ringworm on Cattle Surface in Late Winter

Warts and Ringworm on Cattle Surface in Late Winter

Eldon Cole

The Stock Exchange

Area cattle owners have probably noticed some funny spots on the head or neck of their cattle from time to time.

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Cover Crops Serve As Cattle Feed

Cover Crops Serve As Cattle Feed

Gene Schmitz

Beef Producer

In recent years, many farmers have planted cover crops in corn and soybean fields.  Some have harvested the cover crop the following spring for hay or haylage to use as cattle feed.

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Expanding Livestock Production Could Add Value to Corn

Expanding Livestock Production Could Add Value to Corn

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

An expanding livestock production sector could add value to corn in coming months – welcome news for growers who saw corn and soybean prices fall in the wake of an EPA-proposed decrease in the Renewable Fuel Standard for 2014, Purdue Extension agricultural economist Chris Hurt says.

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Where’s the beef? Florida cattle industry slated for growth

Where’s the beef? Florida cattle industry slated for growth


News Herald

The Florida cattle industry is poised to grow to help offset a nationwide shortage of cows due to drought and as land for other uses becomes less in demand, according to Jim Handley, executive vice president of the Florida Cattlemen’s Association.

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Rover the robot herds cattle in university tests

Rover the robot herds cattle in university tests

Brett Wessler


A four-wheeled robot used to monitor fruit and trees on a farm has been modified to herd cows on an Australian dairy.

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Feedlot Treatment Costs Continue To Grow

Feedlot Treatment Costs Continue To Grow

Nevil Speer   


USDA’s Veterinary Services (VS) provides the beef industry with valuable services through its various surveys over time. These surveys allow for useful and meaningful insight into major trends within the industry. One such survey is assessment of the feedlot sector.

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