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Management of first calf heifers

Management of first calf heifers

Don Boggs

Iowa Beef Center

Successfully calving out and then rebreeding a set of first-calf heifers presents one of the greatest challenges to cow-calf producers. The physical and nutritional stresses associated with parturition, lactation and continuing her own growth, create a real challenge for the two-year-old cow

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Regional beef meetings will offer farmers industry updates

Regional beef meetings will offer farmers industry updates

Amanda Gee

AG Answers

The Indiana Beef Cattle Association and Purdue Extension will host 10 meetings around the state in December and January to give cattle producers the latest industry information.

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Delivering Genomic Technology to the Beef Industry

Delivering Genomic Technology to the Beef Industry

National Beef Cattle Selection Consortium

Artificial selection of cattle has been practiced for centuries using a variety of methods and tools. Early selection was based on visual observations that eventually lead to the development of breeds. In efforts to improve production , selection was practiced on measured phenotypic traits with limited success depending on the heritability of the trait.

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Bob Larson

Angus Journal

A few years ago, beef cattle producers in many parts of the country had not heard about the disease trichomoniasis, also called trich. The disease has been an important cause of abortion and infertility in U.S. cattle herds for many years, but as it becomes more common in more parts of the country, many producers, veterinarians and states are taking aggressive steps to control this significant problem.

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Cure Pinkeye With Oxygen Therapy?

Cure Pinkeye With Oxygen Therapy?

Beef Producer

Bob Bard thinks he may have figured how to use oxygen therapy on pinkeye in cattle.

Bard, who is a north Texas optometrist and beef producer, says when his cattle have developed pinkeye in recent years he’s been using ozonated, distilled water, sprayed into the eye with a simple spray bottle several times over a day or two. He says usually the eye clears right up.

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Zilmax- Considering the Plusses and the Minuses

Zilmax- Considering the Plusses and the Minuses

Oklahoma Farm Report

The product Zilmax remains off the market as 2013 begins to wind down- having been removed by its manufacturer Merck after questions of animal well being were raised by some in the US feedlot and cattle processing industry.

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Include your veterinarian as part of your health management team

Include your veterinarian as part of your health management team

Bovine Veterianrian

“The best step that producers can take to avoid residues is to sit down and work with your veterinarian, work as a team,” said Gary Neubauer DVM, dairy technical services, Zoetis, in a new video discussing the benefits of establishing a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR).

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Decade-long trend of rising US beef exports to end

Decade-long trend of rising US beef exports to end


A decade-long trend of rising US beef exports, since they were floored by the discovery of mad cow disease, is poised to end thanks to the prospect of a squeeze on supplies stemming from the tumble in feed prices.

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Producing More Stocker Pounds

Producing More Stocker Pounds


“The beauty of implants and ionophores is that the mode of action for each is completely unrelated, so the benefits from them are additive; using one doesn’t compromise the benefit of using the other,” emphasizes Jason Sawyer, Ph.D, associate professor and associate head for operations at Texas A&M University’s McGregor Research Center.

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Bidders qualifying for beef plant auction; deadline Friday

Bidders qualifying for beef plant auction; deadline Friday

Argus Leader

Potential buyers of an idled, bankrupt South Dakota beef plant have until Friday to apply to become qualified bidders for the upcoming auction.

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