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Big farms aren’t ‘bad’

Big farms aren’t ‘bad’


It’s just before 7:00 a.m. I’m pulling on my boots to step onto the fields of our family farm. The sun is rising, casting a pale glow across the land, making the warming frost sparkle. I love this part of my day. I walk out to the middle of the field and look over my crops.

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Create Happy, Profitable Ranches With This Process

Create Happy, Profitable Ranches With This Process

Jesse Bussard

Beef Producer

People and relationships are integral to running an effective and profitable business. The foundation to this effectiveness is the relationships formed by employers and their employees.

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Management Considerations When Grazing Turnips with Cattle

Management Considerations When Grazing Turnips with Cattle

Dr. Bruce Anderson

The Stock Exchange

Good moisture has boosted growth of summer planted turnips and many are ready to graze. Turnips may be the best grazing option available for late fall and winter. But, like everything else, they can cause problems.

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How to improve beef cattle profitability

How to improve beef cattle profitability

Emily G. Adams

Coshocton Tribune

One of the most useful practices beef producers can implement to improve the profitability of their herd is to check cows for pregnancy. This recommendation comes from Purdue University herd health DVM, Mark Hilton.

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A Rancher And A Conservationist Forge An Unlikely Alliance

A Rancher And A Conservationist Forge An Unlikely Alliance

Christopher Joyce


Mannix’s family has been ranching here for five generations. His cattle now are grass-fed, and that requires a lot of pasture-land, a lot of grass and a lot of water. Several creeks run through Mannix’s property, but there’s been a lot of drought recently.

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Ranchers Selling Carbon Credits As Pilot Program Starts

Ranchers Selling Carbon Credits As Pilot Program Starts

Chris Clayton


Trying to stem the tide of land conversions to crops in the Prairie Pothole region, a pilot program spurred by a USDA grant has gotten a greenlight to sell carbon offsets from grasslands in North Dakota.

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Cow-Calf in Confinement

Cow-Calf in Confinement

Troy Smith

Angus Journal

Though known best as a feedlot nutritionist and beef industry writer, Kenneth Eng is a cattleman, too. He is currently focused on timber and cattle operations in Mississippi, but Eng has owned ranches in his native Nebraska, California, Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

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Cow-calf management tips for November

Cow-calf management tips for November

Rusty Clark

The Leaf Chronicle

November can be made up of “good” or “bad” weather conditions. For example, as this update was being prepared, there was snow forecasted for upper east Tennessee and the Southern Appalachians. You may recall that during season changes the weather is more unpredictable. Keep a close watch on weather reports.

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Cattle Feeding Profits May Be Short-Lived

Cattle Feeding Profits May Be Short-Lived

Wes Ishmael 


In September, cattle feeders started turning a profit after more than two years of losses on average. Unfortunately, profits may be a short-lived exception.

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Italian Ryegrass Over Oats As An Alfalfa Companion Crop

Italian Ryegrass Over Oats As An Alfalfa Companion Crop

Fae Holin       

Hay and Forage Grower

After winterkill had wreaked havoc on Upper Midwestern alfalfa this past spring, growers with thinned stands scrambled to decide what to interseed into them.

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