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Pre-Conditioning Records Help Promote Your Calves

Pre-Conditioning Records Help Promote Your Calves

Wisconsin Beef Information Center

Are you promoting your feeder calves the best that you can?

Are you implementing a pre-conditioning program on your calves?  If so, are you making sure that potential buyers know what you have invested your time and resources into making sure these calves are ready to transition smoothly to the next phase of beef production?

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Heifer program designed to aid in building healthy Kansas beef herds

Heifer program designed to aid in building healthy Kansas beef herds

High Plains Journal

A new program aimed at supporting beef cattle producers by improving the reproductive performance of replacement heifers may have come at an opportune time.

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Heifer Retention Remains Cautious

Heifer Retention Remains Cautious

Heifer Pro

Mom Nature is cooperating, for the most part. Feed prices, forage availability and calf prices make it possible. There are indications it could be in its nascent stage, but no one knows when herd expansion will begin in earnest, much less how long it will last and how many cows will ultimately be added.

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Northern Beef, from investment to investigations: The story so far

Northern Beef, from investment to investigations: The story so far

Argus Leader

Northern Beef Packers is a meatpacking plant in Aberdeen currently in bankruptcy.

The intention was to create a huge boost for South Dakota’s economy by slaughtering cattle here instead of in other states. Its construction had many delays, and it finally opened in 2012, only to cease operation earlier this year when the plant declared bankruptcy.

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Beef a bright spot in changing landscape

Beef a bright spot in changing landscape

Candace Krebs

LaJunta Tribune Democrat

In recent years, crop farming has prospered in a way not seen in decades, but livestock production has struggled. Now the tables appear to be turning.

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Carcass Weights Decline and Grade Increases

Carcass Weights Decline and Grade Increases

Wes Ishmael


“Removal of Zilmax has likely been the major factor raising the quality grade of cattle,” LMIC analysts say. “Dressed weights have probably dropped modestly year-over-year due to two factors: the elimination of Zilmax and also a ratcheting-up in feedlot turnover rates (often measured by marketings compared to the on-feed inventory). When cattle supplies are tight, feedlot turnover rates typically increase because packers are bidding aggressively.”

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Collaboration set to revolutionize feed efficiency and Beef cattle

Collaboration set to revolutionize feed efficiency and Beef cattle


For generations, agricultural producers have continued to produce more food with fewer resources. Unfortunately, their greatest test is yet to come.

In October 2011, the world’s population topped 7 billion for the first time in recorded history, and estimates have total population numbers breaching the 9.5 billion mark by 2050.

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Ranchers Insistence On Cheap Grazing Keeps Wolf Population In The Crosshairs

Ranchers Insistence On Cheap Grazing Keeps Wolf Population In The Crosshairs

James McWilliams


Editor’s note: Stories of this ilk are included in the blog to inform those in our industry how agriculture is being presented to and perceived by the public.

If the October headlines were any indication, the quickest way for a wolf to make the news is to get shot. The Jackson Hole News and Guide reported the story of a Wyoming hunter who bagged a wolf, strapped him atop his SUV, and paraded his trophy through Town Square.

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Winter Stocker Opportunities in Today’s Cattle Market

Winter Stocker Opportunities in Today’s Cattle Market

Derrell Peel

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Cattle and beef markets have strengthened in October despite the uncertainty of the past couple of weeks. Feeder and fed-cattle prices, along with boxed beef have all advanced compared to pre-shutdown reports, with fed cattle showing the strongest relative increase.

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Dark-cutting beef

Dark-cutting beef

Jeff Savell

Texas A&M

In “dark cutting beef,” the animal undergoes long-term stress before slaughter. This stress may be from transportation, rough handling, changing weather conditions such as cold fronts, or anything that causes the animal to draw on its glycogen reserves before slaughter.

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