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BeefTalk: Cows Have Memories, Too

BeefTalk: Cows Have Memories, Too

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

The other day, although a minor event, I had a memory-producing moment. I poured a glass of water and took a drink, then set the glass down momentarily. Soon, I took a second drink, only to have this less-than-desirable sensation. During the brief time that the glass was unattended, a boxelder bug landed in the glass and became part of my drink.

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Biosecurity: Tips on Bring Home a New Bull

Biosecurity: Tips on Bring Home a New Bull

Heather Smith Thomas

The Cattleman

For most new bulls, the quarantine period is simply the ride home. Three weeks is better.

One of the most common ways new diseases come into a herd is with new animals. Biosecurity measures are an important part of disease prevention, along with good nutrition and vaccination.

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Increase in Formula Priced Cattle

Increase in Formula Priced Cattle


Cattle feeders and packers have been trading more cattle on a formula based pricing system and fewer on a negotiated basis in recent years according to data reported by USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service," explained Darrell R. Mark, Adjunct Professor of Economics at South Dakota State University, in his regular Cattle & Corn Comments column on iGrow.

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Buying replacements

Buying replacements

Eldon Cole


Buying replacement females is difficult. Here are some considerations.

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5 Tips for Weaning Calves Post-Blizzard

5 Tips for Weaning Calves Post-Blizzard

Beef Producer

The early October blizzard brought on several new challenges for Western producers, but one of the biggest may be altering weaning programs and management practices to ensure care of already-stressed calves, say two South Dakota State University Extension specialists.

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For Merck, bringing cattle feed Zilmax back won’t be easy

For Merck, bringing cattle feed Zilmax back won’t be easy

P.J. Huffstutter and Lisa Baertlein


U.S. pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co (MRK.N) faces significant challenges bringing its controversial feed additive Zilmax back to market in the United States and Canada, even after a vote of confidence from South Korea on Thursday.

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Feds looking into SD beef plant

Feds looking into SD beef plant


Federal authorities are investigating the finances of an idled beef plant and a federal immigration program that supplied much of its funding, two former chief players in the company told The Associated Press on Thursday.

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Managing bovine respiratory disease starts with the veterinaria

Managing bovine respiratory disease starts with the veterinarian


Most in the beef industry know there is no "typical" case of bovine respiratory disease (BRD). And with the number of variables that can impact cattle health – weather, stress and genetics among them – it’s very important for producers to work with their veterinarian to develop a BRD management program that can help bring consistency to their operation.

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Building a Major League Herd

Building a Major League Herd

Katrina Huffstutler

Hereford World

A different hotel in a different congested city every couple of nights — it’s enough to drive any wideopenspacesloving, small town kid crazy. But if your dream is to play in the big leagues, it comes with the territory, and you’ve just got to find a way to cope.

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State veterinarian office performs a critical mission

State veterinarian office performs a critical mission

James Comer

Columbia Magazine

As livestock from across the United States converge on Louisville for the North American International Livestock Exposition November 9-22, 2013 I am reminded of how important it is for Kentucky and the United States to have a robust system in place to safeguard our livestock from disease.

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