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BeefTalk: Love of the Land

BeefTalk: Love of the Land

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

There are those days that never should come but they do. A quick note, maybe a phone call or email or some other communication, but the message is still the same: Someone has passed on from this life. In this case, that someone is Steve.

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Reading labels – It’s easy, it’s important

Reading labels – It’s easy, it’s important


Treatment time is a critical period in the life of cattle. It is one of the most difficult times to manage animal stress, but those few moments at the headgate are your chance to get a good look at each individual and provide what’s needed for optimal health and productivity.

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“Are your belted cows mean?”

"Are your belted cows mean?"

Sylvia Burgos

Twin Cities Daily Planet

The question stopped my fork in mid-air. I just didn’t see it coming.

"Are your cows mean?" asked the woman. The restaurant was crowded. The woman’s clear voice and assertive stance swiveled heads.

"I have a friend in Virginia and she said that the belted cows near where she lives are mean. Are your’s mean too?"

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The Beef Markets Are Not True Free Markets

The Beef Markets Are Not True Free Markets

Alan Newport

Beef Producer

Remember above all what economist-consultant Bill Helming said about price: "The majority of consumers don’t know or care how beef is produced. Can I afford it? That’s the number one question."

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Judge OK’s Aberdeen Beef Plant’s Credit Request

Judge OK’s Aberdeen Beef Plant’s Credit Request


A federal bankruptcy judge has approved an idled South Dakota beef packing plant’s request for $2.25 million in credit so it can employ an investment banking firm to pursue a sale.

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Yield Grade Trend Over Time

Yield Grade Trend Over Time

Nevil Speer   


One of the key questions that occurred during a panel discussion at this summer’s Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) annual meeting surrounded the change in USDA Yield Grade (YG) within the slaughter mix over time. Specifically, there’s been a marked increase in YG 4s and 5s that began roughly around the year 2000.

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Supply squeeze ‘to keep cattle prices high’

Supply squeeze ‘to keep cattle prices high’


Cattle prices, which for unfattened animals set fresh record highs, are to stay elevated, boosted by the shortage of US supplies increasingly evident in data on factors such as slaughter rates and feedlot population.

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