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Shade for Hot-weather Calving

Shade for Hot-weather Calving

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Newborns and young calves are more susceptible to weather stress than older animals. In cold or wet weather, calving cows and newborns need shelter from wet storms and wind. In hot weather, they need shade. Fall calving can be smooth sailing in good weather, or miserable if temperatures are still high.

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Tips for a successful calf weaning season

Tips for a successful calf weaning season

Patrick Gunn

High Plains Journal

As my grandfather always said when I was growing up, “Another year, another weaning program.” For most spring-calving producers, it likely seems that there is no shortage of options or opinions when it comes to weaning calves in the fall.

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Evaluating Corn Silage Hybrids for Feed Quality iGrow

Evaluating Corn Silage Hybrids for Feed Quality


"The production of high quality corn silage involves not only the yield or tonnage per acre, but needs to include its digestibility. The greater the dry matter, fiber and starch digestibilities of a specific corn silage, the more milk and meat that can be produced at a lower feed cost”

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When it is worth getting help on the cattle operation?

When it is worth getting help on the cattle operation?


Sole operators typically perform a wide range of functions on the farm and essentially become a jack of all trades in terms of farming operations. This requires them to be knowledgeable about these various aspects of the operation and capable of effectively performing needed management practices.

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Grazing Corn Stalk Residue

Grazing Corn Stalk Residue

Dr. Rick Rasby, University of Nebraska Extension Beef Specialist

Having cows graze to meet their nutrient needs is less expensive than having to deliver harvested forages to them. Crop residues can be an inexpensive option.

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Kickstarter Campaign Aims to Create First Open-Source HACCP Plan

Kickstarter Campaign Aims to Create First Open-Source HACCP Plan

James Andrews

Food Safety News

When Jonathan Hunter and his partners at Underground Meats in Madison, WI, set out to expand their salami business to national retailers, they knew they needed to make some upgrades to their plants to jump from Wisconsin state certification to full-fledged certification with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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USDA’s Meat Police Report More Enforcement Activity After Reorganization

USDA’s Meat Police Report More Enforcement Activity After Reorganization

Beef Cattle News

Noncompliance with USDA’s meat inspectors moved only a nudge last quarter as the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) reorganized its enforcement agencies.

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What Will Beef Consumers Want in 10 Years?

What Will Beef Consumers Want in 10 Years?

Beef Producer

The time from conception to market is crucial for beef animals. With proper nutrition, care and time, calves will grow to become marketable stock that can meet the demands of today’s consumers.

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John Harrington:  The Nerve-Wracking Fall Sort

John Harrington:  The Nerve-Wracking Fall Sort


For a beef cow, the fall season can be a hoof-biting time, a scary period filled with enough anxiety to cause all four stomachs to churn like outboard motors.

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NDSU’s beef research complex helps raise awareness

NDSU’s beef research complex helps raise awareness


Two years ago, North Dakota State University opened a beef cattle research facility unlike any other at a U.S. university. Since then, NDSU’s Beef Cattle Research Complex has helped raise awareness of beef cattle research and education in North Dakota to a national and international level.

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