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IBBA Announces New Executive Vice President

IBBA Announces New Executive Vice President

Beef Tips

The International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) announced today the appointment of Tommy Perkins, Ph.D., as its new Executive Vice President. IBBA’s mission to serve the commercial cattle industry and effectively promote the Brangus breed is supported by Perkins’ background and extensive experience in the industry.

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Handle with Care

Handle with Care

Iowa Beef Center

September is the beginning of the traditional fall calf run. Over the course of the next three to four months the majority of the spring born calves will be weaned, moved through market channels, received at a feedlot, backgrounder or stocker operation, and perhaps started on feed.

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Potential applications for use of direct-fed microbials in receiving and finish beef diets

Potential applications for use of direct-fed microbials in receiving and finish beef diets

Nicole Kenney

Farm and Ranch Guide

Concern over the use of antibiotics in the animal feed industry has led to the exploration of methods to increase disease prevention in cattle production systems.

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USDA’s meat labeling rules add costs without benefits

USDA’s meat labeling rules add costs without benefits

Tri City Herald

Good steaks and burgers are part of the rites of summertime barbecues.

Throw some chicken and a few pork and lamb chops on the grill and you have a carnivore’s delight.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture put new meat labeling rules into effect in May that have the meat industry upset. The mandatory labels detail country of origin as well as where the animal was born, raised and butchered.

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For Express Ranches, success found in power of advanced cattle genetics

For Express Ranches, success found in power of advanced cattle genetics


Express Ranches founder and owner Bob Funk was almost giddy on a March day in 2006 as he took his seat in the grandstand of the ranch’s Yukon show barn.

Funk was anticipating the bidding frenzy that was about to begin for a black Angus bull entering the ring at the Express Ranches Spring Bull Sale.

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Settling a beef with cow tipping

Settling a beef with cow tipping

Rick Steelhammer


"Let’s get this out of the way: Cow tipping, as least as popularly imagined, does not exist," Swearingen wrote at the start of his article. "Drunk young men do not, on a regular basis, sneak into cow pastures and put a hard shoulder into a cow taking a standing snooze, thus tipping the poor animal over."

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The Cattle Wars of the Late 1800s

The Cattle Wars of the Late 1800s

The Bradenton Times

When you think of war erupting in a village or town, the catalyst that comes to mind usually isn’t livestock – but cattle ruled in late 1800s Florida. The cattleman with the largest stock held the title of king, and others weren’t afraid to spill rivals’ blood to ascend to the top.

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Feasibility and acceptance distinction

Feasibility and acceptance distinction

Glynn T. Tonsor           

Progressive Cattleman

In multiple circles the cattle industry has a renewed sense of optimism with possible beef cow herd expansion being thoroughly discussed again. Underlying this optimism is a growing view that many cow-calf operators are nearing a situation of being not only able to physically add breeding stock, but also that operators have forward-looking profit expectations that warrant expansion.

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Bright Future For Grassfed Beef Industry

Bright Future For Grassfed Beef Industry

Pete Bauman


Grassfed and grass- finished beef are enjoying an increasing share of the consumer beef market. While direct marketing to customers is the primary outlet for smaller grassfed producers, larger operations are finding success in marketing their product through more traditional chain grocery and restaurant outlets.

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