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Harvest management for drought-stressed corn silage

Harvest management for drought-stressed corn silage

Jeff Coulter

Farm and Ranch Guide

Proper harvest timing is critical for ensuring corn silage is at the optimum moisture for packing and fermentation.

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Retaining an Interest

Retaining an Interest

Steve Suther

Cattle Today

I never thought I would feed cattle, until I got to know more than a few cattle feeders.

Some were all about buying low, selling high and happiest when they beat both their supplier and buyer.

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Animal welfare

Animal welfare

Bob Larson

Angus Journal

Ensuring that your cattle are healthy, well-fed and well cared for, especially during times of inclement weather, are the foundations for good animal welfare. Fortunately, these goals also aid in high productivity and reduced disease risk.

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Starting calves right: Handle with care

Starting calves right: Handle with care


September is the beginning of the traditional fall calf run. Over the course of the next three to four months the majority of the spring born calves will be weaned, moved through market channels, received at a feedlot, backgrounder or stocker operation, and perhaps started on feed.

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The future of COOL

The future of COOL


The requirement of more specific country-of-origin labels, a ruling upheld recently in U.S. district court, could mean that more information will be available for meat consumers to make purchasing decisions, but also could lead to economic loss for the U.S. meat industry and its trading partners.

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Reagan Reflects on Food-Safety Record at Cattlemen’s Beef Association

Reagan Reflects on Food-Safety Record at Cattlemen’s Beef Association

Beef Cattle News

Looking back on his time at the the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, James “Bo” Reagan tends to focus on his work within the beef industry to help beat back the threat of E. coli.

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The future of the cattle industry

The future of the cattle industry

Chuck Jolly

Heifer Pro

For the last half dozen years, the weather and market conditions have treated the U.S. cattle industry with all the tenderness given to Rocky Balboa’s face in the early rounds of that famous boxing match in the first Rocky movie. Battered first by an epic drought, it was bloodied by the highest feed costs cattlemen have ever seen.

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Efforts to Resolve Saudi Arabia Beef Impasse Continue

Efforts to Resolve Saudi Arabia Beef Impasse Continue

Oklahoma Farm Report

Saudi Arabia’s suspension of U.S. beef imports has now lingered for nearly a year and a half, and continues to have a significant impact on the bottom line of U.S exporters who served this market.

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Get Premium Pricing Through Marketing Co-ops

Get Premium Pricing Through Marketing Co-ops

Robert Fears

Beef Producer

Premium prices for calves almost demand truckload quantities, yet small producers struggle to fill so much rolling space.

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Different forage affects beef cattle weight, taste

Different forage affects beef cattle weight, taste

Clemson University

Cattle are what they eat. The forage — grasses and other plants ­— beef cattle eat affects the nutrition and tastiness of the meat. Clemson University animal science researchers report that steers grazing on one of five forages kept in paddocks showed significant differences in growth, carcass and meat quality.

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