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Let your cows tell you what they need

Let your cows tell you what they need

Kent Tjardes    

Progressive Cattleman

Fall is the most economical time to help spring-calving cows regain body condition and prepare for their third trimesters.

With calves no longer at their sides, and the next calf only utilizing limited resources in the second trimester, cows can more easily utilize nutrients to move back to an ideal body condition score (BCS) of 5.5 to 6 on a nine-point scale.

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Markets spur retained ownership of calves

Markets spur retained ownership of calves

High Plains Journal

Feed prices trending lower and feeder cattle prices trending higher may spark some interest in retaining ownership of stocker calves over the winter.

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Ag sites offer education for all

Ag sites offer education for all

Kindra Gordon

The Cattle Business Weekly

There’s a saying that knowledge is power. And, those of us in agriculture repeatedly hear that we are not informing and educating consumers well enough about our industry.

Thankfully, the Internet – namely social media – has been a valued tool in creating a dialogue with many consumers who we may never come face to face with.

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Right Feeder Can Cut Winter Feed Costs

Right Feeder Can Cut Winter Feed Costs

Loretta Sorensen

Progressive Farmer

High forage costs are pushing beef producers like Charles Ylitalo to find every possible tool to maximize hay resources. The Wisconsin cattleman has hit on a refined bale feeder design he said makes his job easier while saving hay.

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Can crop residue be harvested sustainably in Michigan?

Can crop residue be harvested sustainably in Michigan?

Mark Seamon, Michigan State University

Livestock feed and bioenergy are creating new markets for crop residue such as corn stover. Careful attention to removal rates can help maintain soil productivity.

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Are We Raising Cattle Or Beef?

Are We Raising Cattle Or Beef?

Jesse Bussard

Beef Producer

Cattle versus beef … what’s the difference?

You would think the answer should be obvious.

Cattle are not walking hamburgers. Beef patties do not moo.

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Iowa State University Professor Honored for Research Accomplishments

Iowa State University Professor Honored for Research Accomplishments

Mark Honeyman, an Iowa State University professor of animal science and agricultural education and studies, has been presented a research award by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

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