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BeefTalk: Plan Ahead to Wean Stress-free Calves

BeefTalk: Plan Ahead to Wean Stress-free Calves

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Where did the calves go? Are they all here? It never seems to fail that when the crew goes out to gather the cow-calf pairs, we are short one. The obvious response is: Any dead ones? The crew looks wry-faced and reasserts that they can tell a dead calf, so no, they did not find a dead calf!

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Thinking about feeding this winter?

Thinking about feeding this winter?

Darrell R. Mark, Ph.D.

The Cattle Business Weekly

With the prospects of a large corn crop to be harvested this fall and much lower corn prices than we’ve seen in the last several years, many diversified farm operations are considering feeding their corn to cattle rather than selling it as they have in the past couple of years.

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Grass-Fed Beef Growing Pains

Grass-Fed Beef Growing Pains

Emily Garnett


A grass-fed beef ranch manager from Maui, Hawaii, swapped grazing techniques with a ranching couple from northeastern Kansas. Across the room, a central Nebraska rancher who still finishes most of his cattle on grain explained how hard it is to sell grass-fed beef in the Cornhusker state, while a Mississippi producer explained he can hardly meet the demand for beef fed only non-biotech crops.

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Young breeders not afraid to test genetics technology

Young breeders not afraid to test genetics technology

Barb Baylor Anderson

Angus Journal

If you want to put your herd on the fast track for genetic performance, you may want to take a page from Generation Y’s playbook. Many young Angus breeders are embracing new genetics technology, including the HD 50K panel, and finding value-added benefits.

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Fenceline Weaning for Beef Cattle

Fenceline Weaning for Beef Cattle

Julie Walker, C.L. Wright, R.J. Pruitt

University of South Dakota

Weaning time can be stressful for cows and calves. Under traditional weaning systems, changes in environment, diet composition, and pathogen exposure can reduce animal performance and result in health problems. In response to these challenges, interest in fenceline weaning has grown in recent years.

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Dissecting the antibiotics debate

Dissecting the antibiotics debate

Dan Murphy


The ongoing debate over the use of antibiotics in animal agriculture is heating up again. Over the weekend, National Public Radio ran a major report on the subject, with several scientific sources arguing that at the very least, FDA needs to mandate the collection of hard data on antibiotic use in agriculture.

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Kan., replacement heifer development program

Kan., replacement heifer development program


The most recent US Cattle inventory report indicates that the US beef herd is the smallest it has been since 1952. If and when beef herd expansion occurs those cattlemen who can provide high quality replacement females have the potential to access another revenue stream.

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Forrest Roberts: Proud of NCBA’s Policies and Fiscal Responsibility

Forrest Roberts: Proud of NCBA’s Policies and Fiscal Responsibility

Oklahoma Farm Report

orrest Roberts, chief executive officer of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, wears two hats: a policy hat and a Checkoff hat. That policy hat means that the organization is going to be political at times, make political statements and come out in favor of policy.

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Cure The Planned-Grazing Fescue Blues

Cure The Planned-Grazing Fescue Blues

Alan Newport

Beef Producer

R.P. Cooke says in the southern part of the fescue belt the better you manage grazing the tougher it gets … at least for a while.

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Va. Tech’s program puts students ahead of the herd

Va. Tech’s program puts students ahead of the herd

The Southwestern Times

The eyes, and then the wide, bony head of the Charolais cow moved to follow five Virginia Tech students as they walked past her stall at the university’s Beef Center on the first day of fall semester classes.

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