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The Right Genetics Program Can Open up Markets

The Right Genetics Program Can Open up Markets

Mark Parker

Progressive Farmer

When your investment portfolio is a cow herd, risk management can be a big challenge.

Angus breeder Matt Perrier, of Eureka, Kan., is spreading his risk by using genetics to diversify calf crop marketability. He believes this is one way commercial beef producers can have that all-important market hedge.

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Getting the most out of crop residues

Getting the most out of crop residues

Greg Lardy

Tri state Livestock News

This time of year, many ranchers begin to assess options for late fall and early winter grazing. For many in the area, crop residues are one option that will work into the grazing plan.

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Teff Grass Matches Alfalfa For Growing Cattle

Teff Grass Matches Alfalfa For Growing Cattle

Hay and Forage Grower

Teff grass hay can be a lower-cost alternative to alfalfa in diets of growing beef steers and dairy heifers.

Utah State University scientists reached that conclusion following a 12-week trial comparing the warm-season annual grass and alfalfa in hay-based total mixed rations.

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It’s Not Voodoo! Veterinary Acupuncture Can Be A Helpful Tool For Beef Producers

It’s Not Voodoo! Veterinary Acupuncture Can Be A Helpful Tool For Beef Producers

Christy Couch Lee    


It’s not voodoo. It’s more than simply sticking needles.

Veterinary acupuncture, based on scientific research and measurable results, has proven to be a beneficial and profitable addition to veterinary practices across the country.

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Pampering cows the Wagyu way

Pampering cows the Wagyu way

Isa Soares


Japanese Wagyu beef is considered to be one of the best meats in the world; tender and succulent. Its cuts can sell for more than £250 — and I haven’t had the chance, or the cash, to try it.

But for one couple, the premium delicacy was behind the decision to shift countries — and change lifestyles.

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‘A huge need’ for South Dakota beef plant to reopen

‘A huge need’ for South Dakota beef plant to reopen

Omaha Herald

North Dakota feedlot operator Jeff Kvamme finishes loading cattle onto a truck and bemoans the animals’ 450-mile one-way commute to Dakota City in Nebraska.

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Evaluating corn silage value

Evaluating corn silage value

University of Nebraska

In the past, corn silage was more attractive and more economical when corn prices were relatively expensive. A large body of research was conducted on how silage fits in different beef cattle systems. As a result of expensive grain, we are focusing on how this approach may fit today.

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