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Beef or bull? What Zilmax teaches us about Industry Science

Beef or bull? What Zilmax teaches us about Industry Science

Tim Schwab

Food & Water Watch

Over the last few weeks, the largest corporate meatpackers shocked beef markets by announcing they would no longer accept cattle treated with the widely used drug Zilmax.

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The Science of Beef Quality

The Science of Beef Quality


A great steak doesn’t just happen. A long list of factors ranging from genetics to aging and cooking techniques influence the beef-eating experience, and as a meat scientist at Colorado State University, Dale Woerner, PhD, devotes considerable study to those factors.

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Diseases Affecting Reproduction in Beef Cattle

Diseases Affecting Reproduction in Beef Cattle

Ron Parker

New Mexico State University

Infertility and abortions in cattle are two of the greatest problems the cattle breeder faces. The causes are complex and difficult to identify.

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