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BeefTalk: Making a “Premium” Calf

BeefTalk: Making a “Premium” Calf

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

What makes a premium calf? There are six steps to placing premium calves that excel on the market: superior genetics, sound management, preconditioning, tag identification and certification, plus a good marketing strategy. The order of the steps is not as important as doing the steps.

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Cattle ranchers hope South Dakota beef plant will reopen

Cattle ranchers hope South Dakota beef plant will reopen

Dirk Lammers

Grand Forks Herald

North Dakota feedlot operator Jeff Kvamme finishes loading cattle onto a truck and bemoans the animals’ 450-mile one-way commute to Dakota City in Nebraska.

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Beef Quality vs. Economy Isn’t The Real Question

Beef Quality vs. Economy Isn’t The Real Question

Troy Marshall


. . . There are a lot of factors contributing to this debate, and every sector of the industry seems to be weighing in on the issue, with each having a little different take on the situation. But I think the question is a bit nonsensical in that it’s really a backwards way of talking about other serious issues.

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Management Changes Can Keep Embryonic Losses Down

Management Changes Can Keep Embryonic Losses Down

Beef Producer

Transporting bred cows and heifers, heat stress can contribute to profit-siphoning embryonic losses.

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Value-added program improves cattle sales price

Value-added program improves cattle sales price

Vic Schoonover         

Southwest Farm Press

Gant Mourer, working with Oklahoma State University animal scientists and the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association, is helping state cattle producers get more money for their cattle when they go to market.

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USDA Study Shows Benefits of Weaning Calves Early

USDA Study Shows Benefits of Weaning Calves Early

Sandra Avant

It pays to wean calves early when severe weather conditions like drought hinder beef cattle production, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) studies confirm.

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Salmonella Could Be Beef Industry’s New Biggest Challenge

Salmonella Could Be Beef Industry’s New Biggest Challenge


Food Safety News

Scientists have realized they may have misidentified the source of Salmonella in beef cattle. They now realize it may be in the lymphatic system of cattle, making it harder to prevent than E. coli.

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Beef or bull? What Zilmax teaches us about Industry Science

Beef or bull? What Zilmax teaches us about Industry Science

Tim Schwab

Food & Water Watch

Over the last few weeks, the largest corporate meatpackers shocked beef markets by announcing they would no longer accept cattle treated with the widely used drug Zilmax.

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The Science of Beef Quality

The Science of Beef Quality


A great steak doesn’t just happen. A long list of factors ranging from genetics to aging and cooking techniques influence the beef-eating experience, and as a meat scientist at Colorado State University, Dale Woerner, PhD, devotes considerable study to those factors.

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Diseases Affecting Reproduction in Beef Cattle

Diseases Affecting Reproduction in Beef Cattle

Ron Parker

New Mexico State University

Infertility and abortions in cattle are two of the greatest problems the cattle breeder faces. The causes are complex and difficult to identify.

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